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I was just looking for a clean implementation of a meditation app. I just want something that would get me to meditating as fast as I can.

I don’t want to sign up or be offered a subscription or a paid course, or to even hear a guide. The most popular one like Headspace, and Calm had IAPs and probably some sort of analytics (to keep the shareholders informed! Results have to be measured somehow!).

I really just wanted a simple meditation app that got to the point as fast and as beautiful as possible.

So I made my own…

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In this article, we will learn how to write a custom Fish shell function.

What is Fish?

Aside from being delicious sea food, Fish is a shell intended as a modern alternative to Bash or sh. You can install it from your package manager or you can compile the latest version from their GitHub Repo.

It offers built-in autosuggestions, man-page completions, 24-bit colours, and even offers web based configuration. It’s quite friendly.

Suffice to say, it is much like zsh, and definitely friendlier than Bash.

The Task

We will write a script that will extract the audio from a Youtube video using youtube-dl.

Feel free…

Remove that, for good

Caveat: this will remove all iFrames on your Tumblr page. So if you have Disqus enabled this will remove it as well.

This solution is a bit of a brute-force solution because it removes all iFrames. Since the turn off the Tumblr promotion option is a hit-or-miss on some themes, you simply need to add this to Custom CSS to get rid of it.

iframe {

z-index: -999 !important;

display: none !important;


In this example we will parse and extract JSON from the Instagram API. Specifically, we will retrieve the five latest media from a user.

Grab your Access Token from Instagram and follow along. For the sake of time, we will assume you have an Access Token already.

The Endpoint

The following URL will retrieve the five latest media from a given user. We add the count=5 parameter to limit our results.

The Response Scheme

Here is the sample response from the Endpoint call.

{pagination: {}, data: [{},{},{}], metadata: {}}

Each object on the data array represent a media object. For our example, we only…

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