“BlockChain Day” Held By EliteCenter

June 15th,the “BlockChain Day” Meetup hosted by EliteCenter Xiamen and co-organized by China’s blockchain media platform “First .Vip” and Lisk were successfully held.

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Jun 17 · 3 min read

This event invited the professional analyst Stewart and the Commercial Officer Connie from “First .Vip” to share quality information, and talked to the attendees and introduced Lisk and mentioned the work progress of Alpha SDK. Following is the full coverage of this event.

The guests arrived and checked in.
Lucia from EliteCenter Xiamen , as the host of the event, announced the official start of the BlockChain Day.

First, Stewart gave the speech “The sword of Dalmos hanging above the mining industry! Is anti-ASIC just a castle in the air?”Started from the Bitcoin mining mechanism and detailed researched the mining industry, the speech vividly expounded the existing drawbacks in the mining industry and analyzed the hot topic in the mining field — The pros and cons of anti-ASIC.

After the sharing ended, Stewart communicated with the participants, and the participants questioned their ideas, which Stewart answered on the spot.

Brilliant sharing by Connie

Then , Connie, the head of the operation from First Vip, gave introduction of blockchain media platform First Vip. First Vip is a professional investment information platform and one of the co-organization of this event. It gathers high-quality projects and provides investors with a convenient channel to get project information, including the important follow-up of Lisk .

During that time, Leah and Aslan, members of EliteCenter xiamen, talked to the attendees and introduced Lisk and mentioned the work progress of Alpha SDK. The attendees expressed great interest in Lisk project and possible cooperation in the future. In the next BlockChain Day event, we will continue to educate attendees on Lisk and attract more investors and businesses to know Lisk.

EliteCenter Xiamen prepared a rich dessert and drink for the participants, creating a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to communicate.

Finally , Lucia organized some of the attendees and the EC staff to take a group photo.

EliteCenter Xiamen will continue the BlockChain Day event at least once a month and bring different speech themes to lay the foundation for the eco-community for the official SDK of Lisk, and to attract more investors and businesses.
The first “BlockChain Day ”event hosted by EliteCenter Xiamen, and co-organized by “First.Vip” and Lisk was successfully completed!

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