Elite Group Report for November

Time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, November has come to an end. As of last month, Elite Group continues its support activities and donations to the Lisk Project. In this regard, we have made a summary.

Community Activities

1. On November 24th, Elite Group sponsored the China Lisk Blockchain Meetup held by Tim Yau, the Brand Ambassador of China, in Shanghai. On this occasion, which had attracted more than 40 enthusiasts of Lisk, Tim Yau shared the development tendencies of Lisk and the latest information of Chinese community. Leo, a member of Elite Group, expressed his confidence in the development of Lisk Project and his vision for the future of Lisk as a guest speaker.

Leah, the Operation Manager of Elite Center which is a Chinese incubator, delivered a speech as a guest speaker at the event, focusing on the latest developments of Lisk’s side chain project named MADANA.

2. Some Elite Group members are currently working on two new Lisk block explorers. Liskbook.com and Lisk Observer.

- Liskbook is a simple explorer in early development trying to achieve high speed in browsing the Lisk blockchain. Lisbook is built with NextJS and Django and the project is developed by Adrianhunter.

- Lisk Observer on the other hand is more a community oriented blockchain explorer made by joint the forces of Carbonara, Cryptobaguette and Elevate with the participation of Lisk.builders . The open source project aims to bring the most beautiful blockchain explorer experience to Lisk.. The development is in an early stage and the current stack covers technologies like Typescript, NodeJS, GraphQL, Apollo, NextJS and React.

3.On November 10th, Aslan, the Head of Elite Center, and Leah, the Operation Manager, participated in the activity Tech Finance Opportunities in 2019 after the Depression, the theme of which was to explore the development directions of blockchain in 2019, and gave their viewpoints on behalf of Lisk.

4. Aslan and Leah exchanged views with Fu Jing, the investment manager of Hainan Eco-Software Park, of the interpretation of Hainan’s policies on blockchain and the introduction of Hainan Eco-Software Park, thus making preparations for Lisk’s attracting more high-quality projects.


  1. On November 23rd, Elite Group donated 200 LSKs to Elum, a community member and a brand ambassador of Holland. Elum participated in Lisk’s local meetup in Holland as a representative and announced that preparations would be made for the first Lisk-based incubator in Utrecht, Holland. Elite Group will continue to pay close attention to this issue and give all the support within its capacity.

2. Elite Group donated 200 LSKs to Marjin, a community member, who has been engaged in the development of IFTTT. The purpose of IFTTT is to establish a free two-way channel for applications and devices to transmit information. To some extent, it can help Lisk’s technology applications penetrate into people’s daily lives, thus making Lisk’s applications even more diverse. A detailed introduction to IFTTT can be found in the previous monthly report. Elite Group will keep an eye on the advancement of and give encouragement and support to this project.

3. Elite Group donated 200 LSKs to @prolina. Earlier this month, Lisk officially launched a reward program for reporting Bugs of Lisk, according to which, @prolina’s discovering an important bug in Lisk’s core is rewarded, thereby increasing the enthusiasm of community members to find out and submit bugs. Besides the money reward, Elite Group volunteered to make donation to @prolina, so as to express support for his exemplary behavior.


1. Elite Center cooperated with the first Blockchain Website, a Blockchain Media Platform in China, to launch the price guess of virtual currency, which took LSK as the bonus and the benchmark currency. The event began on November 21st and ended on December 3rd. As a sponsor, Elite Center distributed LSK as a final prize, which would effectively promote the popularity of Lisk in China’s virtual currency circle.

2. At the end of October, Elite Center’s operating team had created the column of Lisk Express to follow up the real-time information and community news of Lisk, aiming to provide the latest information for its followers as soon as it could.

1. Aslan, the head of Elite Center, met with the leading official of Chinese community of its peer called AE (Aeternity is a blockchain-based project that focused on the scalability of smart contracts). On Nov. 25th, the major network of AE was released and planed to hold an AE Chinese Hacker Marathon in Chinese community. Elite Center provided feasible programs and venues to expand its influence and popularity in the local blockchain industry, attracted more attention to Lisk, and drew on valuable experience for holding hacker marathon after Lisk SDK went public.

These are the records of Elite’s activities in November. The support work of Elite Group for Lisk has been in full swing all the time. Together with the Lisk team, we will make persistent efforts and expect a bright future!

—— Elite Center