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May 16 · 4 min read

Hello, Liskers!

How time flies and April has passed by, all work of each organization of EliteGroup has progressed smoothly, including various events, conferences, ecological construction and so on. In this regard, we hereby present work summary and please read the following work report.

Community Activity

EliteCenter Xiamen

1. On April 9, “Goose Q”, Lisk’s sidechain project got in touch with Lisk HQ with the help of EliteCenter Xiamen. On the basis of friendly cooperation, both parties wished to reach a long-term cooperative relationship. Founded in 2012, “Goose Q” is a platform provider that provides all-around information services and total solutions for the logistics industry through the application of modern logistics concepts and IoT technologies. “Goose Q” would provide comprehensive solutions for full-time visual logistics command systems, intelligent mobile mining equipment, blockchain data verification systems and other services so as to provide services to partners and truck drivers.

2. On April 16, EliteCenter Xiamen launched the event planning for “Elitecenter Blockchain Date”, where it was expected to cooperate with Xiamen University, a well-known Chinese university, with the aim of promoting the ecosystem of Lisk. Currently, the two parties are under communication stage.

3. On April 23, a number of Chinese blockchain media and companies headed by Jinse Finance visited Lisk HQ and interviewed Lisk’s official staff Mat. In addition, the media also participated in the indoor exhibition organized by Lisk sidechain project MADANA and both parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the future development direction of the project.

4. On April 18, Mr. Su, a traditional investor from Xiamen, visited EliteCenter Xiamen incubator office and learned about relevant knowledge of the blockchain. Mr. Su said that he wanted tocreate a Lisk-based product traceability application and EliteCenter Xiamen expected that two parties would reach cooperation in the future.

5. On April 19, Leah, member of EliteCenter operations team, negotiated with working staff of the Weatbook on the sidechain based on Lisk architecture. Weatbook is a leading provider for road management intelligent decision-making data service with precise traffic and weather warning and forecasting system as the core in China and provides comprehensive services of intelligent highway construction and operation.

6. On April 26, EliteCenter Xiamen developed a plan to pay employees through Lisk. To be specific, a fixed investment for Lisk will be made every month according to the expected amount of employees under the condition of consent from employees. The purpose of this program is to cultivate the initiative consciousness of internal employees towards the Lisk project.

7. On April 28, there was an adding event of content of Eliteeffect website and related events will be updated in the future.

EliteCenter Tokyo

1. A video conference was held by EliteCenter Tokyo, Mat, community manager of Lisk HQ, EliteX Shanghai and EliteCenter Xiamen, where the future business direction and focus of EliteCenter Tokyo were determined.

2. On April 26, EliteCenter Tokyo held its second event since opening and attracted more than 30 customers. In the event, the principle introduced the using methods of the lisk wallet. In addition, principles from everiToken and chianbow gave a speech and Gny’s Richard also promoted gny’s products through video. In a word, the event was successfully completed.

EliteCenter Shenyang

EliteCenter Shenyang has completed the office decoration and purchase of office supplies and started recruiting staff to build a professional work team for EliteCenter Shenyang.

Promotion Activities

EliteCenter Xiamen

1. On April 3, the check and inspection of Elite Center T-shirt was completed and the results were sent to Japan and Shenyang Incubator on the same day by mail. The aim of introducing cultural shirt is to promote Lisk’s ecosystem better, where the Logo of Lisk is printed and the official color of Lisk was selected.

2. On April 21, EliteCenter Xiamen began preparing PPT about Lisk for its promotion in the future.

3. On April 25, the design of Elite homepage was completed, where links to various sites including EliteCenter Xiamen、EliteCenter Tokyo and EliteCenter ShenYang as well as switch among Chinese, English and Japanese were added.

EliteCenter Tokyo

EliteCenter Tokyo has contacted GNY’s staff Richard. In the following events, EliteCenter Tokyo would assist GNY.io in promoting in Japan and explored possible cooperation in the future.

EliteCenter Shenyang

EliteCenter Shenyang has completed the purchase of domain name of the incubator’s website and the server. Currently, it was during intense website development and the official website would be launched later.

The above is all events in EliteGroup in April. Thank you for reading and please look forward to the next report!


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