Lisk Elite Center Progress Report in Oct

“Elite” is always ready to fulfill our mission: contribute to Lisk ecosystem.

Community Operations Team(COT):

2. We have a new course for new-comers to know Lisk easily and plan to release it in WeChat and WeChat groups in early November.

3. We have a meetup with the leader of Block Home to discuss the future possible cooperation. Block Home is a blockchain information service media platform invested by BIMG.

4. Thomas, the founder of BlocX, visited the Elite Center incubator to learn more about situation of Amoy blockchain industry. He plans to move office to Amoy. BlocX is a blockchain consulting firm.

5. Our operation team members, Box and Cherry,attended an event hosted by Block Star on “How Blockchain Empowers Enterprise?” to discuss the adoption of blockchain in finance, payments, energy, digital identity authentication, electronic record authentication, loT and supply chain management industries, together with the opportunities and challenges the blockchain encounters.

6. We released an Elite Group Report on our contribution to Lisk ecosystem since our inception, we are always ready to fulfill our mission: contribute to Lisk ecosystem.

7. Blockchain First Station (which is an official blockchain information media account on WeChat) will host a major online event in mid-November, with the goal of boosting awareness and energy to Lisk. Elite Center support this event.

Product Team

1. To prepare the online event in mid-November, we are developing a series of pages and functions. It will be finished in early November.

2. A huge update of will be released in late November.

3. We have two programs on Lisk sidechain. we are upgrading one of them and plan to develop it in late next month.

Marketing Team

1. We are collecting and touching blockchain projects, touching with developers and investors from all industries of blockchain. Let more people know Lisk and join it.

— — Elite Center