March Report of Elite Group

The work of EliteGroup on March continues to progress orderly, and abundant events have been carried out to serve the diversified and sustainable development of Lisk economy. Now Let’s get the review of the events in March.

Community Events

EliteCenter Xiamen

1. On March 15, Aslan, the manager of EliteCenter Xiamen, joined the video conference on the topic of Staking Economy, sponsors were First.VIP, the blockchain media located in Xiamen and Wetez, the blockchain wallet company located in Beijing.

2. On March 15, Leah, a member of EliteCenter Xiamen, attended Lisk meetup hosted by 9 up. io (which is a Lisk-based community in Hong Kong), and Max, the founder of Lisk, was invited as the key speaker. During the speech, Max shared the progress of Lisk and his insights toward the development of blockchain industry. Whereafter, Max answered some questions and had a joyful communication with the participants. Looking forward to having more community members involved in!

3. On March 18, EliteCenter development team put their hands to design the webpage of Elite Foundation. The website will enable users to have a better understanding of the ecosystem and projects inside EliteGroup. The new page is expected to be launched in April. Stay tuned!

4. On April 25, Leah and Zhang Haihang, the CEO of Xiamen “6Quantum”, discussed the issue of EliteCenter Xiamen joining the Xiamen University Blockchain Research Institute. Xiamen University, is a world-class university in china, also earns reputation with “211 program” leading universities, national “211 program” and “985 program” key university. As such, EliteCenter Xiamen take the opportunity to give a good promotion for Lisk, we will keep follow-up closely.

EliteCenter Tokyo

1. 細江と周(Japanes name), an Operation Manager of EliteCenter Tokyo, during the ゲーム x ブロックチェーン activity ,he has given a speech to introduce EliteCenter to visitor and exchanged business cards with all participant.

2. Daifeng, a Consensus Investment Management of Blockchainer, given some advice after visited EliteCenter, and there is likely to reach a cooperation in the future.

Community Contribution

  1. To encourage and support LiskNews’ contribution to the Lisk community, EliteGroup contributed 200LSK to them. LiskNews often active in youtube, and provide a convenient channel to community members by publishing Lisk blog and message regularly.

2.Elite Foundation sponsored 500LSK to support Hong Kong meetup, which is hosted by

Promotion Activities

On March 22, EliteCenter development team complete EliteEffect page development, and has given a introduce of EliteGroup milestone events of each development phase to users, if you want more detail information please visit

That’s all about EliteGroup report in March, thank you for reading, we’ll see you in next month.