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Jun 20 · 2 min read

Hello, everyone!

The May rushed away, the activities, conferences, and ecosystem construction work in EliteGroup were all in good progress. For this, we conducted a summary of the work in May, please read the following work report.

Community Activity

EliteCenter Xiamen

1. On 2nd May, Mr Su, Xiamen blockchain enthusiast, visited EliteCenter Xiamen to discuss the development and application of blockchain games with Leah, who is a member of EliteCenter Xiamen. Mr. Su is currently working on the development of blockchain mini-games.

2. On 24th May, Leah, the business executive of EliteCenter Xiamen, were invited by the organizer to participate in the“Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit”, which was held in Sanya, Hainan. The summit was sponsored by the People’s Daily Digital Communication, Sanya Business Exhibition Bureau, National Bank Gold Control, and FINWEX. It gathers top enterprises, experts and investment institutions in the fields of financial technology, blockchain technology and cross-border e-commerce at home and abroad, discussing technology and industry hot topics, exploring and leading the development of the Hainan new economy. Leah had a friendly exchange with the participants of the summit and exchanged ideas about the development of LISK.

3. On 25th May, Leah, the business executive of EliteCenter Xiamen, met with Shengli Lou, CEO of the blockchain project weatbook, and Jiabo Bai, founder of Goose Q. They jointly discussed about the two blockchain projects that will build sidechains on Lisk.

3. On 31st May, Aslan, the head of EliteCenter Xiamen, participated in the 2019 China (Xiamen) International Blockchain Business Future Development Summit. He discussed the development of the blockchain in the commercial field with the participants.

EliteCenter Tokyo

1. EliteCenter Tokyo has officially signed a contract with Sapporo. As a sponsor, Sapporo Beer will promote new beer with the help of EliteCenter Tokyo. In the next events, EliteCenter Tokyo will also help promote the activities to help to achieve a win-win goal.

2. Planetway has settled in EliteCenter Tokyo, which is about 30 people. In the next time, they will hold two regular meetings at EliteCenter in a week, and at other time, there will be employees working in the EC’s venue.

Promoting Event

EliteCenter Xiamen

On 23rd May, the first phase of the BlockChain Day Theme Event that is planned and organized by EliteCenter Xiamen will be held on 15th June at EliteCenter Xiamen Incubator Office. The purpose of this series of events is to establish a community foundation before the Lisk SDK completed and to enhance the promotion of Mine Lisk in China.

Above is all the work events that EliteGroup conducted in May. Thanks for reading, please continue to look forward to the next report!

— — EliteCenter

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