The Opening Ceremony of LISK Eco-incubator EliteCenter Tokyo was a Great Success

(Photo exhibition of members of Elite Center in Xiamen Incubator)

LISK, Japanese incubator EliteCenter holds the opening ceremony in Tokyo on January 25, 2019. After the first LISK ecological incubator EliteCenter was established in Xiamen in mid-2018, EliteCenter Tokyo, which was invested in Singapore’s Elite Foundation, was officially established in Tokyo in Japan in early 2019.

(Photo of members of Elite Center in Tokyo Incubator)

On the evening of the opening ceremony on January 25th, LISK co-founder Max sent a video to bless the EliteCenter Tokyo, who represents the LISK Foundation, the LISK development team and all staffs of LISK.

Max said that EliteCenter Tokyo, Japan would be his second office. He also said that since LISK announced the new roadmap and the development progress of SDK in November last year, in order to realize the SDK implementation as soon as possible, LISK will focus on the construction and design of the project. So EliteCenter will play an important role in the outbreak of LISK ecology.

(LISK co-founder and CEO Max sent a video of his best wishes to EliteCenter Tokyo)
(Yuji Hosoe, the Tokyo incubator operation manager of Elite Center)

Yuji Hosoe, the Tokyo incubator operation manager of EliteCenter, took the stage to introduce the background and operation mode of the incubator on the same day.

CMO Eileen of EliteX Asia, the world’s first LISK Eco-Exchange, gave a brief introduction to the upcoming version of EliteX 1.0 to the participants. She not only briefly stated that the main online transactions in version 1.0 were LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH, LSK/USDT, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ETH/USDT, ETH/BTC, but also made corresponding measures in three areas of system security, network security and data security, as well as taking different measures to effectively stop losses for different levels of risk.

(EliteX Exchange CMO for Asia Elieen)

David Zhang, CEO of BTCBOX Exchange, analyzed and evaluated the development trend of virtual currency in the Cryptographic currency market in 2019.

(David Zhang, CEO of BTCBOX Exchange)

There were so many people on that day. The guests were from more than 60 organizations, such as Edogawa University, Tokyo University, マネーパートナーズソリューションズ, Fujitsu Research Institute, BTCBOX Corporation, BLOCKTEC, general social corporationブロードバ ンド推進協議会、andアマゾンジャパンcontract association.

The president of the マネーパートナーズソリューションズ association, Shaoshikitai, raised a toast with everyone after his speech to bring the atmosphere to the climax.

(The president of the マネーパートナーズソリューションズ association, Shaoshikitai)
(Kazuaki Sakagaya, the president of EliteCenter’s Tokyo Incubator)

Afterwards, Kazuaki Sakagaya, the president of EliteCenter’s Tokyo Incubator, launched the founding cake of EliteCenter and announced the formal establishment of EliteCenter Tokyo, wishing that everybody can witness the growth together every year.

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