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As the end of the year is nearby and everyone is getting ready for the holidays, the Liskscan team prepared one last collection for the Lisk community. A collection with a little Christmas vibe but mostly a fun collection with some Lisk related influences: Introducing the Liskscan Reindeer collectibles! A unique set of 2022 collectibles.

For this series of collectibles we collaborated with Dutch creative designer Joris, who created a unique set of collectibles with a varied set of attributes inspired by the Lisk community.

Check out here:

Liskscan Reindeer Collection

This new collection has been used by the Moosty team to develop a whole new infrastructure for the collectibles on Liskscan. This new infrastructure will also be used for the first version of Colecti, an NFT marketplace powered by Lisk developed by the Moosty team.

In preparation for the Colecti platform we developed two new modules, a collection filter and a collectible auction. The collection filter went live on december 21 while the auction module is scheduled to go live on Colecti during Q1 2022.

The Reindeer collection is pre minted (2022) and will be available for sale untill december 31 23.59h CET. The revenue will be divided equally between the creative designer and the Liskscan team. The unsold reindeer will be put up for auction once the auction module is live on the Colecti platform.

How to claim your personal collectible?

To claim a Liskscan Reindeer collectible you go to the collection page. And click the buy button. A modal will appear which gives you all the information needed to buy a new collectible. There are 3 packs for sale. The first packs gives you one random reindeer collectible (costs 5LSK). The second pack gives you 3 random collectibles of which one will be at least rare (costs 15LSK). The third pack gives you 3 cards of which one will be at least epic (costs 20LSK).

Liskscan Team

We hope you will enjoy this new set off collectibles. Whenever you encouter a bug, please reach out to the Moosty team on

We would like to thank the Lisk community for the feedback we got during the preperation of this new collection. Special thanks goes to Przemer, Blainemono and Punkrock!

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