The University of Texas is not an ivy league school.
Sirous Martel

And if you truly believe that it is true that Black students will drown because Black students who were accepted to that school are unprepared …as if unprepared is a synonym for Black …. That is where common ground dissipates in my eyes. That is why most of us are keeping it real, if you will, about his death and what that means to us. Side note: I came from the very background the Justice was speaking of in those tapes…Only thing I’m drowning in is student loan debt. I graduated undergrad and grad school on time with the same academic issues as my mostly white peers. Back on topic: He will go down as a great legal mind simply because most of us could not do the things that a Supreme Court justice can do… those of us who graduated law school definitely know this. However, his legacy will also include the pure fact that he assisted in disenfranchising many Americans, that’s all this article was saying. I don’t know about you, but don’t you think if you are blessed to be in a position of power such as his you would do more good than harm? I mean the Justice was from Brooklyn… you’d think he’d understand being evenhanded in applying the law.