What Does Trump The Cornered Rat Do?
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Over a year ago I have unsubscribed from Mike Adams’ newsletter when I read about his open support to Donald Trump and debunking Hillary Clinton. Please do not get me wrong I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton. No more a supporter of a bigot and hate-monger like Trump. I thought that it was inappropriate that Mike Adams used his platform (or mandate) — about health, pure water and organic food — to get himself involved with Trump propaganda and telling his readers to turn off CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the other lying mainstream media outlets and to instead, read the news at: http://www.breitbart.com/; http://newstarget.com/ and http://www.infowars.com/. He was misleading us who trusted in him. Would it be possible that Mike Adams was paid under the table for propaganda and misinformation? About Steve Bannon’s Breitbart: “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy today’s entire establishment.” — — Steve Bannon. “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.” — — Steve Bannon. I have also a couple of weeks ago unsubscribed from GreenMedInfo for the same reasons. They announced that Trump asks leading anti-vaccine advocate to chair commission on ‘vaccine safety’ Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has called vaccination a “holocaust” over debunked claims of links to autism, said Trump asked him to chair a vaccine safety commission on January 10, 2016. This is a smoked-screen just to manipulate the ones who really think that someone like Trump really cares. Trump is pro vaccine. (We’ve never heard anything since about that so called commission). Bannon is the brain. Trump is the brawn. President Trump has signaled loud, and clear, his intent to maximize the profits of giant corporations — like Exxon Mobil, BP, and Monsanto and Bayer (whose merger he’s approving) — on a scale never before seen in our lifetimes. Public and environmental health is damned. Trump supports torture, war, Big Ag and GMOs. Trump has appointed a slate of millionaire and billionaire corporate cronies to key, powerful positions, with orders to immediately set to work rolling back any regulations or policies. He largely rejects the international scientific consensus that human behaviour is a contributing factor to global warming. Press (mainstream and others rags) have to be active and FREE (and not to be silenced) BECAUSE that will be the end of Democracy and the start of National-Socialism: Freedom of speech and the Press, it IS PARAMOUNT in a democratic country. Therefore we need readers to read everything and then analyze and ponder and not let themselves been indoctrinated by so called vile politicians and fake health foods militants. Citizens have to read books in order to be able to see through demagogic ideas. People have a duty to educate themselves all their lives to grow up. Ignorance is not stupidity. Ignorance is a lack of information. Stupid people are the ones often very educated with PhD and Postdoc degrees. The most dangerous ones misleading the non-inform ones (often the voters). Yes, indeed, Trump is trapped like a rat. He is so afraid you can see it in his face and jaws: a) The Press (in USA) since he is president does not mention anything about the rape of a minor girl of 13 yr old anymore — they did but they were shut up. Especially Trump he is ready to do ‘anything vile’ to save his reputation. A California woman known as Jane Doe, who accused Donald Trump of raping her, 22 years ago, when she was 13, cancelled a press conference, a few weeks ago, where she was to publicly tell her story for the first time. Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, told a throng of reporters waiting for the press conference at her Woodland Hills, California, firm that the woman had received threats and was too scared to come forward. Anything worth mentioning without getting into too much detail is the current federal law suit filed against Trump and his old Friend Jeffrey Epstein (registered sex offender for life) both accused of rape of a 13 year old girl, in 1994. (At the time Trump was 47 year old — case still open as of now). Jeffrey’s plane was called (Lolita’s Express) where pedophile was known to recruit under aged girls as sex slaves. They have these guys so much money and connections on many levels — that they can get away with murder with their infamy — we have to find another way to stop Trump doing what he is doing right now in Washington, which is by petition letters and protesting in the streets (in USA and over the world) or in front of the White House. b) Idem with the 35-pages report, which have been deleted from USA news mainstream, as well, but not in Europe. In France Le Nouvel Observateur is reporting about Oleg Erovinkin (officially dead from heart attack — he worked for Russian intelligence). But the British ‘The Telegraph’ is reporting that his body has been found dead at the back of a Lexus car, in a parking lot in Moscow, last December 2016, a few weeks before the publication of the 35 pages report (confidential report) on Donald Trump. On the other hand, the British Christopher Steele, presumably author of the 35-pages report, still has not been found. He had flown his house, in London (UK) a week after he had given the report to the newspaper. He was an ex-agent of the MI6 and he was stationed in Moscow in the past for many years. The 35-pages report showed in newspapers (among other infamous businesses mentioned a sex tape of Trump a few years ago taken in Moscow). Would it be possible that Putin is holding Trump by the balls with that report? — Trump of course denied the whole thing in a Tweet, etc. This is a dirty world! Money talks and bullshit walks.