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You’re busting your gut and doing a great job. Then an email comes in from your manager questioning your systems and processes and making you second guess yourself.

Worst of all, the email has a cc list of a cast of thousands, so you feel inadequate and undermined. You get all hot and bothered under the collar, and it ruins your Sunday morning.

You craft a response which takes you an hour, press send and sit and fume waiting for the counter-response.

You know if you pick up the phone, you will be defensive and possibly emotional, and besides, your…

And why I’m ok with that.

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Last month I wrote four articles on Medium. I am a long time Medium reader, but a first-time Medium writer. To help me learn about writing on Medium, I devoured numerous articles about how to make money from writing on Medium and did a few online courses. I was motivated and pumped.

My first article was curated straight away. I loved getting that email. What a buzz. It was also a buzz to check the stats each day to see how each article was tracking. …

And avoidance is one of them

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It’s the middle of summer. Temperatures are in the mid 30’s (degrees celcius) and the humidity feels like you can cut it with a knife. The name of the game is to stay cool. I marvel at how unproductive I am in the heat. Lethargy takes hold and even low energy activities feel like mammoth tasks to accomplish.

I’ve succumbed to my environmental consciousness guilt and turned on the A/C as it has become unbearable. I’m now sitting in the A/C and even a fan is turned on and whirling above my head — both forces in action to achieve…

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Hard conversations are like invasive doctor appointments — we avoid them like the plague. According to a survey by CNBC, 7 out of 10 Americans avoid having difficult conversations at work, with the statistic even worse in smaller organisations like startups. With blurred role clarity and a lack of HR function, people feel they can’t have hard conversations safely, so they tend to not have them at all.

The result is festering issues that never get addressed or resolved and the enormous cost to productivity and stability that this causes. …

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Today, another person we know lost their young, adult son to suicide. I can’t tell you the disturbing and sickening frequency suicide happens to someone we know or in our community, particularly amongst young males. As the mother of a 14 year old son, this terrifies me beyond words.

My son was 5 months old when my best friend’s brother took his life. It is something that has stayed with all of us and I have never hidden the reality of that tragic event from my kids. It is almost eerie how the times we have talked about R, have…

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I once saw a cyclist stop at a set of traffic lights. Behind the cyclist loomed a truck, and both truck driver and cyclist were waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Noticing the truck behind her, the cyclist turned and gestured to the truck driver in a way that gave her comfort that the driver had seen her and would not run her over as in the case of a young cyclist tragically killed at a Brisbane city intersection a few years ago. In that awful situation, the driver of the truck simply didn’t see the cyclist in…

Two years ago I started a tech business which has developed an application that analyses human emotions. It was off the back of a few other ventures which had consumed the past 10 years of my life and I was excited about it. There is nothing like the feel of a new venture — the hope, the anticipation and the dreams of success.

An ex-colleague, who I trusted and respected, suggested he join the venture and help me with his experience and expertise. I thought it was a good idea, I certainly needed the help, and so I ponied up…

Melissa Olsen

A tech entrepreneur of an emotion analytics platform; a real job in sales; a parent; a wife; a daughter; a sister and friend.

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