ENVION — overview of the maximum critical infrastructure ROI

Growth on a continent / country whose energy sector, consumption and concentration of mining activities are increasing and low social and environmental standards, where electricity is produced using predominantly fossil fuels. Worse, the concentration of the mining industry is in the hands of several large corporations that are profit-oriented, regardless of environmental degradation and high impact on people. The Envion project attracted my attention, as it helps to fuse two of the most important sectors of the 21st century: Blockchain technology and renewable energy sources. Using the dynamics of exponential growth for both, contributing to the climate and the welfare of the owners of tokens.


ICO Envion is only a global mining operation, not associated with problems such as energy price surges, equipment shortages, government problems or fixed fixed locations. They have access to the most inexpensive energy sources in the world, as they provide access to the smallest free transformer / inverter stations on the planet. They also represent the future of Smart Decentralized Blockchain Infrastructure, a high-yielding global crypto-engineering infrastructure deployed on mobile, modular CSC containers decentralized location directly at the energy source.

Scalability Infrastructure

Envion overcomes the problem of scalability, thereby providing efficient, affordable and inexpensive equipment. This decentralized concept allows unprecedented use of powerful medium and small-sized hubs. Here it should be pointed out that Envion is the only global mining operation not associated with such problems as energy price surges, equipment shortages, government problems or fixed fixed locations. Envion has access to inexpensive energy sources (transformer / inverter stations on the planet).

Elimination of blocking and energy problems
We create a win-win scenario for power plants: we pay power plants (and other energy hubs) to use their otherwise unused local surplus capacity. The win for the blockade: we ensure stability through the decentralization of mining activities again, allowing the community to fully participate in mining operations and make mining operations unaffected by local regulations, government restrictions, energy price spikes and ensuring the peace of mind of the global infrastructure infrastructure.


in aerodynamic simulations, field testing in various environments and testing of control samples under the control of a thermal image, the racks and placement of graphic processors were optimized for ideal convective conditions. This specific placement provides excellent cooling performance, allowing you to install racks side by side without losing performance.

To ensure maximum flexibility and maintainability, all racks are placed on rails that have been welded into the container during initial production. This allows you to accurately move 25 racks along the short horizontal axis of the container, ensuring optimal adjustment of the distances between the racks and racks, as well as ideal positioning for maintenance.


Provided that our design room is focused on minimizing the burden on the operator of the device, which resulted in minimal operational requirements related to human resources and user training. The tasks related to the functioning of the decentralized network were distributed in a simple and reasonable way by implementing a strategy of maximum automation of hardware. Thus, the remaining tasks for field staff are limited to: a) connecting the power source, b) entering authentication keys on the network, and c) exchanging broken hardware modules with automatic e-mail notification. All processes inside the device are completely remotely monitored, which allows solving important tasks, such as maintenance of computing devices and identification of faulty components for planners and computer experts.


Automated decentralized management of mobile mining units is carried out by the Single Mountain Clouds (UMC). UMC is an application that works in the cloud, which combines all the information with the UUC. Frontal connections connected to UMC, for example, to web applications or mobile applications, can monitor, control and configure MMUs and their components. Each Mobile Mining Unit reports its position, state and performance of UMC. UMC and its intuitive user interface (web application interface) then collect data and provide it to the user. This data also contains historical data for all connected UUCs.


One of the biggest advantages of running an application over a UUC in the cloud is a centralized point for making basic decisions. One of the main decisions is which coin belongs to mine. This solution depends on the following factors:

  • current coin price / exchange rate
  • complexity factor
  • the price of electricity at the location
  • hash algorithm
  • location and temperature situation
  • hardware generation of workers

These conditions should be taken into account when deciding on the maximum return on investment. Smart mining is the result of an automated process that maximizes the potential of these conditions in real time. UMC often analyzes the current situation and switches to a suitable mining strategy. Because the solution is location-based, it will be done for each MMU separately. This can lead to different clusters of search strategies. UMC can even run two strategies against each other to check which one works best if it is not possible to accurately predict (the resulting section of workers is called clusters in our information panel).


We began to make significant efforts to develop and provide a secure platform. It starts with a professional software development life cycle and is complemented by well-organized operational security. However, we do not stop here. Errors in the software exist and human error occurs. Therefore, we always strive to develop our systems in such a way as to limit the impact of possible future incidents.

Detailed information on sales of tokens

ICO starts: December 1, 2017
ICO expires on: December 31, 2017

Name: enken Token
Symbol: EVN
Token Price: 1 EVN = 1 USD
Support Token:
overall support level of ERC20: 150,000,000



Advance sale: December 1 and 2, 2017.
Primary sale: December 3–31, 2017

For more information, please visit the website https://www.envion.org/en/ and read the Whitepaper.