A lot you must to identify about the HTC 11 Smartphone.

HTC phones are famous for durability and battery life when it comes to design and specification, it seems that these phones lack the ability to match high-end or even in some cases mid-range android phones.

However, this is changing now, the company is working on producing phones that are outstanding and will give other big manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple hard time competing. One example is HTC M8, you can see why HTC One M8 Mobile, a must-have Smartphone-Review is. Now, they have done it again, they have come up with HTC 11. This is going to be another one of their outstanding smartphones.

The company is planning to adopt a new naming approach, the latest phone might be called HTC Ocean instead of HTC 11, but this is still in question. The phone might not have a physical volume or even home button instead it comes with “Sense Touch” sensors on both sides of the smartphones.

You will also be able to use these sensors to navigate between applications. According to another leak, you would be able to set up your own shortcuts, jump between apps and activate features by giving the phone a squeeze.

The phone will have the Qualcomm’s best processor, Snapdragon 835. This processor along with a 6 GB RAM is enough to compete with other phones including Samsung S8 and iPhone 7 in terms of speed and efficiency.

The elegant design and complete touch system of the phone are something that people are craving for. It is going to be different and elegant. We are sure everyone would like to Buy HTC Smartphone one of this amazing handset. For the time being, the phone hasn’t hit the market, but you can check out other smartphones at Alpha Smartphones.