Nation of High-Treasonous Traitors

I am a Corporate whistle blower and workers’ comp claimant whose claims exposed corporate Misdeeds after they murdered my late-husband George.

I became a Targeted Individual of the U.S. Neocon Military Industrial Complex, after suing Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point (Chase/JP Morgan/Wall Street) a large government corporation (Steel/Ship) with strong Navy elements ,while seeking justice for my late-husband’s untimely, tragic murder on their job-site. In other words, they horridly killed my husband, whom I knew from the age of 5. It was massively covered-up by Beth Steels supervisors and Waste Mgt., also on that jobsite and a slew of their employees. OSHA was behind me after a lengthy 6 week investigation. I met the director as the first to do — they said it was unheard of. Nevertheless, he allowed my unnounced visit. That’s how massive the injuries we’re sustained by my husband, left to lay on Beth Steel’s grounds blown in literal half with his hand held in the air for someone to hold him. Rather they all stood there staring at him. It took them 45 minutes to get a real paramedic group there, as the first two (Point) paramedics also refused to help him. No one wanted to get ‘dirty.’ After those first two groups refused to help my husband it became apparent from OSHA investigative reports and an insider (in fear for his job) that there was over 550 gallons of deisel oil strewn around my husband which also blew throu his abdonmen.

Beth Steel and Waste Mgt. employees and supervisors sent my husband to his death that day, after they knew first — hand for 2 days that the equipment was going to blow. Rather than turn it off, or contain the situation, to save corporate money they called my husband in his work truck, a mile and a half away ordering him to turn off the equipment. When he arrived, he did as told… while all of the employees and supervisors ran behind him hiding behind huge dirt mounds with equipment blaring so loud that one employee stated he tried to warn my husband but he couldn’t hear him. That too was against all OSHA regulations. Yet, they got away with this.

Day Two : I showed up at Shock Trauma only to be met with military industrial players. From that day forward I was a victim of Jade Helm NDAA A.I. and the Neocon Military Industrial Complex.

A witness with legal representation was behind me, later he and his lawyer we’re lied to about the court date. How did they get away with this, on such a massive state-wide level? Read on and I thank those who’ve bravely whistleblown online for those of us trying to put the broken pieces together of this Jade Helm NDAA unConstitutional (to extremes) lives. We are known as Targeted Individuals and have been through the intell-ringer of online lies. Its refreshing to finally see truth through their veils of deceit and betrayals.

The state of Maryland was behind me.

Every attorney in both Maryland, later North Carolina (who looked at the documents) was behind me.

All knew I was robbed of justice and millions, each more shocked then the next.

My half-brother, a then paramedic fireman diver a witness whom stood over my husband (whom he knew) refusing to help himself paid or scared off.

My own lawyer and the other side, representing Bethlehem Steel Corp., was seen and heard to say they we’re going to destroy me — its in the bag. That witness was me in 2004. By 2005, surveillance began both online and off as everywhere I went people we’re out and out spying on me (psyops).

My chances of winning, in documented writing? 99%. The first group hired by Bethlehem Steel Corp., quit early on, stating they couldn’t do to me what they we’re being ordered to do to me and live with themselves, nor remain in business in the state of Maryland in good grace and face. I thank them. Yet, every law firm I hried consistantly we’re paid off or scared off. It was the worse times of my life, until Jade Helm AI and the military industrial complex all Neocons began to come after me.

Still, I was robbed of justice several times over and multi-millions in awards, as well as a two-week court-time promised to me for over 7 1/2 years, that includes Workman’s Comp., and a 30 year fully vested pension from a connected union, in and of itself corruption still obviously connected. I lost all health and dental care, and all life insurances that my husband was fully paid into to. And this was supposedly, a highly-litigated well-known lawsuit. All judges and lawyers in the state of Maryland knew and were shocked as was my state senator, yet no one stepped forward after all was said and done to assist me. Rather, the campaign against me began as a psychological warfare… as an American widow I sit here in complete and utter disgust and dismay.

These military industrails had the nerve to show up at Shock Trauma with clip boards to analyiss the situation while doctors angered beyond belief had to tell me that it was time to say goodbye to my husband — nothing more could be done. Afterall, he was on a 1–3 % chance of life since the 2nd day, one of 5 in Shock Trauma where he went down in Global history as the sickest, most injuried human being on the face of the earth to sustain the injuries that he did and remain alive and aware. He was on a 5–8% upon arrival. I ended-up donating his medical records to the US military to ‘save lives in Iraqi…’ for free as I sit here I can sincerely state with full honestly that Jade Helm NDAA and the Beligerence Acts we’re all used on me with their A.I. and the CIA NSA and the US Military (Ft Aberdeen, MD, Ft.Meade, MD, later Ft. Bragg, NC and the NSA in Florida).

If you can wrap your thinking arount that last statement as I am a 5'2" widow who was working on her College degree with hopes to work in another historical society with offers, and teach at the Maryland Univerities’ s Baltimore campus teaching history with decades of experience as a researcher and cemeteries and US towns and founders research.

I had a promising career but that would never happen as the surveillance intelligence out-and-out began surrounding my then home pointing spy devies at me ie GPS, cellphones, and black and white vans all hours of the day and night, terrorizing me in the saddest most destructive unmeritied Cointelpro on American soil upon an innocent civilian — me. Along with a homeland security cop (friends with my lawyer who sold me out) and enlisted neighbors and a teenager and local cops (not all as I did have informers) would take over homes around me while my own thieving lying lawyer and the lawyer for the other side (out of D.C.) would gangstalk me (surveil, psyop). I was chased from that home and every home I tried to recoop from that day forward, loosing money and emotoinal well-being which in reality is what they want — a trauma-based guinie pig for their military industrail neocon complex and their drones. Even a local sheriff knew of this.

How does one fight these UAV Hoverers and Drones much less the pre-programmed nanobots sprayed over us from Chemtrails that they are GeoEngineering? There is reportedly not that many of them. I believe the problem is that they are all well-protected in the DUMBs.

To say it bluntly, they are a NATION of high-reasonous TRAITORS to every American citizen as they’ve squashed and plundered the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. I would know. I studied these documents in the years that lead-up to this horrific situation at Phi Theta Kappa levels.

A few tried to ward me to no avail. My computers we’re taken over and from that point on I was set-up into Google’s database along with a 911 Sting Operation run out of Baltimore by my then representative, Dutch Ruppenheimer. Thanks to Wikileaks I learned of this and the human map terrain by the satellites that we’re by then following me around surveilling me everywhere I went. I’ll never forget leading up to the two weeks promised court time I awaited for years for well-deserved justice that would never, ever arrive, and by then knowing my own lawyer had sold me out (I found the PDF proving he and the other side made deals in Ocean City, Md) and it was from that point unknowns (Verizon’s ‘ENCORE’ division for the NSA CIA’s Find um & Fry um’s 911 sting op and the Wikileaks ‘On the Take and Loving it’ that I would learn what I firmly believe is what the DC law firm put me on to get rid of the multi-million dollar claimant— me. They’d even taken a house over behind me by 2005, coming in over my Internet wireless connection’s MSN messaging asking me What do you think of 911?’ then tossing that line into Google’s search engine. From that point on, I was placed into ‘Find um’ and Fry Um..’ mentioned in ‘On the Take and Lovin it’ Wikileaks documents. I thank Julianne Assange and Snowden and others for your bravery.

One day, I received a call from a local politican’s office, Dutch Ruppenherimer, asking me to stuff envelopes at his office, right up the road from my own evil lawyer who sold me out.. the next week I suddenly became a victim of cyber-crimes, a cyber warfare perpetrated against me just unknown to me at the time, under the most hateful acts ever, the un-Patriot Act. All of t his should be acts of terrorism. Yet they are not, rather the reversal. Yes, my own lawyer merrily advised me to go home, exercise my 1st amendment rights — join in, talk about Bush. I did. Well, here I am. He knew what he was doing.

In recent years, they managed to terrorize me out of all my savings, laughingly (our US military & Intel) as Bush their Commander and Chief stuck is middle finger in the air before national TV. I might add they got me in the middle of no where taking me inches from their Jade Helm AI clutches to near-death after attaching onto my left chest cavity with scatter radar from a drone satellite always hanging in the sky near my home with many others… and at the same time I was attacked with preprogrammed nanobots shooting straight into my private areas as I walked my dog outside my small country home in America with Chemtrails sprayed all over the skies. In Florida they shot and killed all of my precious cats. Some of what’s been used on me include plasma, microwaves, biologicals and drones — always. I look nothing of what I did, rather horrid. Go figure and my apologies for sounding crash. I am spent — fed-up with the lack of any and all revelant to what I thought was America. Oh, they shot into my dog with their microwave weapons many times. He’s no longer here, dying just as horridly. My home has become a house of pure horror, both electronically and with drone uav weapons.

I donated George’s medical records to these high-treasonous murdering lying terrorist traitors 3 days after he died. The betrayal is beyond as much belief as their weapons systems which my research shows is SKYNET run by A.I. entrained humans (if one can call them that) and aware computers with one mission: Seek and destroy while keeping one alive for more purverse experimentation for their weapons and technological HELL on me and many others now, 24-7 non-stop till one either takes one’s life or dies from all of this… yet, until I have bare to no breathe left behind, I will inform the public til my carpel tunneled wrists fall off.

Give me liberty or give me death! I am an American and God fearing civilian of this earth that I use to know. Damn them all to their underground hell.

And for this, I was was suppose to be awarded for the massively horrid pain and henious suffering they caused my late-husband George and I. In the end, I learned fast that my own greedy, criminally sadistic lawyer joined with the law firm representing Beth Steel (the other side, right out of that hell hole D.C.) forming a wink-wink honey-deal, tricking me into a kangaroo broom-size closet they called a courtroom after left on a fraudulent New York bankruptcy list for almost 4 years just to prolong it for these NWO scumbag murdering medical and scientific psycopathic torturers for hire… as they began a sick, twisted treasonous Truman show that has destroyed my life by placing me on a US government un-Patriot Act Infra-Guard (thanks to Bush&Co/Obama DARPA) Lethal Drones, Satellites, Nanotech, Artificial Intelligence, Weapons Chemtrails, Nano-bots/borgs Particulates Agenda 21 & Tech Lethal hit list.

They are of the company they keep — the NeoCon D.C. torture for profit demonic occult-based cirsus.

Special Note:

Three days after I buried my husband, told by shock-trauma head doctors that his death went down into sad, global history as the sickest, most injured human-being to ever suffer such catastrophic injuries on a 1–3 percent chance for 5 days and it was then I left his medical records to the US Military for free… and this is how they repay his widow (me) by torturing me to death with high-tech weapons of mass destruction 1500 plus years in the advanced and wicked, sick technologies. [I’ve lost nearly everything dear to me, including all my pets unmercifully shot and killed from UAV Drones Satellites and Celltower weapons. I have witnessed the US Navy, AF, FEMA, HDS, NSA, CIA, US Military from Md to NC to GA & FL chase me down. I’ve been attacked with every Orwellian weapons and technologies that have no business used on the American people, much less anyone on God’s earth. The worst part is their synthetic biological warfare and pain weapons. ]

Words will never suffice nor ever describe.
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