Lessons Learned from 2014 Resolutions

Blog About Design

Going into 2014, my top resolution was to blog about design. Although I wasn’t much of a reader or writer as a child, I’ve become more interested in blogging as I’ve developed a deeper interest in reading about design and startups.


Learn to Code

My 2nd most important 2014 resolution was learning to code. As a product designer, I was specifically interested in front-end. Although many product designers are interested in coding to be able to bring their designs to life, my reasons for learning to code were rooted in my architecture schooling.

  • Structural Language: Understanding architectural engineering terms and concepts helps architects more easily converse with engineers in the field.


Looking back on the year, I’m really happy to see I’ve accomplished my top resolutions. Thank you to Carl for inspiring me to write down my resolutions. Looking forward to writing a new list for 2015.



design @Dropbox. formerly @Percolate. architect by training.

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