Exploring isolation with Piet Mondrian and Narrative Medicine

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It was a pleasure to welcome the 15+ people that joined us in our cozy-feeling online workshop. We came together, as usual, from across the globe, with a mix of experienced workshop participants and new faces.

We selected the text for this workshop to explore the experience we are having…

NarrativeRx Virtual Workshop, Saturday 11th April, 2020

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Thankyou to the 20+ people that joined us in this online workshop. As we practiced using the various functions of Zoom, raising hands and muting/ unmuting ourselves, we had our first experience of shared connection.

We ran this workshop to bring people together in this time of change and isolation…

If you want to help people in pain, start with studying stories.

You teach what, exactly?” is a common question when I mention Narrative Medicine to my health care colleagues.

I’m telling them about the we’re running in May, since I think *everyone* that works with people in pain should join us.

I draw in a deep breath, wondering…

1 in 5 people are affected by chronic pain yet millions of dollars goes to pain research every year. Why are so many people still suffering?

The right advice is your BEST pain medicine

TL/DR: We’re launching a brand-new website for people with persisting pain that helps them to find accurate, helpful and hopeful advice about what pain is, why it persists and how to move towards recovery. You could just go and look at or you could read the backstory (it’s good!)

Adventures in Narrative Medicine and the Lived Experience of Health and Care.

Is your story there? Photo via Unsplash

Narrative medicine, what’s that?” say the puzzled looking faces as I describe the past ten weeks I have spent immersed in a world of literature, close reading, social justice and shared storytelling. I find myself using my excited, passionate voice as I talk about narrative studies in health care. It’s…

There’s a big gap between the science of pain, and how people live with it. We’re bridging the gap with .

I started the on Medium over two years ago, because I wanted to understand the lived experience of people in pain. Although I have many years experience hearing stories in the clinic, I still didn’t think I understood how pain was really affecting people’s lives. When people…

What I learnt about Pain through a six-week episode of sciatica

Rather than use a glossy stock photo, here’s some of the legends that rode the Pain Revolution Rural Outreach ride in Australia recently. Hugging it out in celebration of the end of the 880kms!

I’ve worked with people in pain for more than 10 years, and recently, I got to really understand the lived experience of this disease. …

I presented this the — and ode to the people that we partner with to reclaim their life from chronic pain. We’re starting a in how we talk about pain, and help people recover.

You Came

You come to me in the clinic

Your pain…

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Crowdsourcing Empathy and Designing from Story

When I noticed there were lots of stories about people living with pain on Medium, I wondered if we could put them in one place. Those amazing people that shared their stories allowed me to put them together in to the collection. As we collected more and more…

Life with Pain Part 4

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This is part 4 of our series of posts about the lived experience of pain that came from the stories found here in the . Through these stories we’re crowdsourcing empathy for people living with pain, and using these stories as a basis for designing the future of…

Lissanthea Taylor

Narrative medicine scholar at , pain educator at and clinical director/ designer at

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