CNA: Virginia

Voter Fraud

An organization in Virginia is undergoing investigation by the FBI for possible voter fraud. It has been reported that this organization may be registering deceased people to vote. Authorities were informed by a family member of one such deceased person.

Fraternity Suspended

A fraternity at the University of Richmond has been suspended. This is due to an inappropriate email that was send by this fraternity to several students. The school is under censure for how it has been handling alleged sexual assaults, adding fuel to the fire.

School Breakfast Participation Increases

During the 2015–2016 school year, 5 million more school breakfasts were served in the state of Virginia. Gov. Terry McAuliffe stated that there was a 13.6 percent increase in participation at schools with state funding for the breakfast program. The governor is creating a program to reward schools that experience the greatest growth in breakfast participation.

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