HW Hiker

Who: Will Henderson

What: Got lost for four days but is now found

When: Recently

Where: Appalachian Trail near Gregory Bald, Tennessee

Why: He broke his leg

How: He departed from the trail and fell crossing a stream

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A local Jefferson High School teacher found and hospitalized after being lost for four days on the Appalachian Trail near Gregory Bald in Tennessee.

Will Henderson, 39, had been hiking for ten days before he wandered from the path and broke his leg crossing a stream. Henderson made a splint for his leg out of sticks and rocks. He then started his four day journey crawling through underbrush to reunite with the main trail where he was rescued by two hikers.

“I never doubted that I would be found. I got discouraged sometimes, but I figured that I had plenty of good and thought that if I could get back to a trail — particularily the main Appalachian Trail, because it’s so busy — somebody would come along before long,” Will Henderson said.

Henderson said he pushed his 40-pound backpack in front of him, but had to toss out much of what was in it due to the weight. Likewise, his clothes grew wet and heavy, requiring that he discard most of it. Though he was forced to get rid of most of his belongings, he kept his pictures of his wife and children for encouragement.

Despite the unexpectedness of the fall, Henderson was well equiped with food and a cool head. Henderson is a skilled hiker and has been hiking since the age of ten. He is also a member of the National Hiking Association.

“I broke the first rule of hiking, of course. I hiked alone. If you’re on the Appalachian Trail, it doesn’t matter because you’re not really alone. There are so many people on that trail. But when you get off the beaten track — thats when you need to be with somebody. I learned my lesson about that. My goal is still to hike the entire trail but I guess I’ll hace to wait until I get in shape about my leg,” Will Henderson said.

After being rescued by the hikers, Henderson was taken to a hopsital in Knoxville for several days. He is now being attended to at a hospital near his home.

If I were to add to this, I would incorporate pictures of the trail or the area where Henderson got lost and broke his leg. A video interview of Henderson would be an interesting idea. Maybe there could be links to additional articles about hiking safety.

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