Are sometimes far apart

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

What is the distance between now and forever?

When I gave away my heart
I didn't expect it to be returned
Turned out the process was quite convenient
Easy to do

No packaging necessary
A quick scan of a QR code
Drop it on the counter
And walk away

As I ponder the past
I wonder what the future has in mind for me
Or am I even in its mind at all?

If the future is what I make it
What will I make it?

If the past is past
Why is it still present?

I ask these questions…

My Greeting Card Series #80

Photo by Foto Phanatic on Unsplash

Your graduation marks the end of the beginning
Take it all in
Appreciate and be present in the moment
Don’t let it pass unnoticed

To you, it’s just another week of perpetual motion
Seven more days on your way to somewhere else
For those of us that love you
It’s a time of reflection, of recollection and marvel

You’ve come so far, so fast, and accomplished so much
So many milestones and memories
But only a fraction of what’s to come
Of what lies ahead
And who, God-willing, you’ll become.

It may be the end of the beginning But it’s…

List Craig

Three time top writer in Poetry. But, the algorithm giveth and the algorithm taketh away. Mostly sad, brokenhearted stuff, but trying to be better in 2020.

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