An update to EVA, Dj & Artist. A quick link post about EVA ( Listen To EVA ) websites and online networks.

This is a short post to let you know I’m still working on my music. For now you’ll find everything under the Listen To EVA website, but I’m also going to update my Listen To EVA instagram page regularly.

For all more significative updates, #ListenToEVA on all major websites. Most of all, Listen To EVA on Facebook. And of course, one by one, tracks will be posted on Listen To EVA SoundCloud :-)

This is my new Medium account, I guess I will share some updates, thoughts and dreams here, in parallel to the News part of my website.

Hope you’ll all appreciate the feeling of music hanging in the air!

With Love,

Ξ V Λ - Listen To EVA

Ξ V Λ - Dj & Artist. ListenToEVA on all major websites ( Listen To EVA ). for all Ξ V Λ’s updates and links! Listen To EVA …

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