A Cryptocurrency for Dentists?

Boa Exchange.
Oct 3, 2018 · 3 min read
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I don’t know about you, but I never really thought that dentists would be a significant target market for Crypto and Blockchain tech. Maybe I was a bit short-sighted, given that health-specific crypto investments are booming right now.

Dentacoin claims to be a blockchain solution for the dental industry, but it has the potential to be far more than that. Indeed, the Ethereum blockchain-based coin could provide the foundation for a completely transparent platform for healthcare that helps to empower patients. Allowing them to be active members of the health industry rather than submissive bodies relegated to the sidelines of their own wellbeing — unless that’s the kind of thing that you’re into, different strokes for different folks.

But what exactly is Dentacoin, and why should you care? Without trying to sound overly enthusiastic (I don’t want to lose any cool cred), this platform could completely revolutionize the way we, as consumers and providers, seek and engage with healthcare. In Dentacoin’s system, the patient pays a minimal monthly fee to Dentacoin and in exchange receives ongoing treatment, “free of charge” (yeah, as if anything is free), from a participating dentist, who then receives payment in the form of a continuous basic income. What Dentacoin is hoping to do, is provide an incentive for patients to take better care of themselves (stop eating so much junk food, you’re nasty), and their teeth — thereby reducing the need for expensive, and often painful, dental work. Using the Aftercare app, hosted on the @Dentacoin platform, the patient can earn DCN (Dentacoin’s token) by taking proactive steps to improve their overall dental health. The idea then is that this will incentivize both the dentist and the patient to engage in preventative dental-care rather than the short-term, procedure-based care most of us are used to.

Still not convinced? Consider this: Dentacoin is the first platform to provide a cryptocurrency reward system which encourages the active engagement and participation of its users. It is also the first cryptocurrency that utilizes a decentralized review platform and unbiasedly rewards users who contribute to developing the community. This will help to redistribute the power in the healthcare industry, disrupting current dynamics and giving consumers more agency with regards to making informed choices about their health care providers — Vive la Dentacoin!

What else does the Dentacoin platform provide? Aside from the above, Dentacoin is working at developing a wallet, which will allow users to store, send and receive DCN as well as purchase it against fiat currencies and other coins. The Dentacoin blog provides users with up-to-date news about the platform, as well as weekly updates. Finally, the platform’s Health Database (set to be released in 2019), harnessing Blockchain, will keep patients stored data safe, also allowing them control over and access to their health records.

Given all of Dentacoin’s merits, it probably isn’t impossible for you to understand why we decided to list them. In all honesty, we believe that Dentacoin is a platform that could entirely revolutionize the healthcare industry. Whether you’re already a Dentacoin user or you’re entirely new to crypto and haven’t got a bloody clue what I’ve been blabbering on about, I’d recommend keeping an eye on this platform. It’s got the potential to be so much more than just a “cryptocurrency for dentists.”

Boa Exchange will be hosting a free trader competition using DCN, whereby the trader who performs the best will receive $1000 worth of Dentacoin. Alternatively, you can purchase it with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum here.

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