BOA Exchange lists MintCoin

Mintcoin is a secure, innovative, and energy efficient Proof of Stake (PoS)/ Proof of Work (PoW) coin. It relied on faster PoW distribution mechanisms to distribute the initial coins, after which (5 weeks after its launch to be exact) the coin is essentially turned into a pure PoS coin. Because it’s a PoS coin, it does not need to be intensively mined. This makes MintCoin a more eco-friendly coin, as opposed to other major players like ETH or BTC.

MintCoin launched in 2014, and has grown in leaps and bounds since. It combines fast, free transactions, with low energy consumption. It’s committed to a higher level of decentralization, with coin holders forming part of the first “bottom-up” global democratic network. Holders decide on everything by voting through the “Living Roadmap”, including electing developers, and forming ideas and planning for the future. Essentially, MintCoin holders determine the direction of the platform, and maintain its eco-friendly future.

The MintCoin team developed official wallets for various operating systems, which are available on the platform’s GitHub repository.

With all of MintCoin’s merits, it’s easy to see why BOA Exchange has decided to list it! Want to start trading with this innovative coin? You can register to buy it at