Quantum attack’s could be the end of crypto.

Quantum computing may be revolution for some, but for crypto, it’s just more danger. Quantum computers are a new technological advancement to the computer processing power industry and offer vast ways to improve the lives of those around. The technology launches back to 2011, a short two years after the Bitcoin chain was born. Quantum computers have the ability to break complex encryption codes and estimate the prediction of tomorrows weather based on the last year of results. Blockchain offers a secure tracing and storing of currency, disruptable only by Quantum computing thus far. Quantum computing could aid in the annihilation of cryptocurrency.

Avoiding attacks is the key

In some ways, cryptocurrency is safe from the quantum plague, partially. All transactions made are placed on the blockchain and updated on all other blocks, this information can not be altered without entire network collusion. Quantum computing, however, does enable users to target and hack vulnerable individual accounts, users could find their accounts transacting payments they never made. Guessing a user’s 64 digit private key was seen as nearly impossible until the Quantum computing system surfaced, bringing a new danger to an otherwise incorruptible ecosystem. The good news is not all currencies are vulnerable to quantum attacks, few have taken the precautions of enabling a quantum resistant chain. The future of cryptocurrency lays in a more secure environment, a quantum resistant one. There are many ways in which quantum hacks can be avoided, but today we’re going to talk about Maxcoins and their quantum resistance.

Maxcoin making the right move

Maxcoin is an incredible project staying to the core values of blockchain; creating a secure, fast and transparent coin for the community to utilize. Maxcoin is one of the only, and major, projects who have taken the leap forward for ensuring the community is cared for. Maxcoin uses SHA3, secure hashing algorithm, to provide unbreakable encryptions that not even the next generation of computer processing can decode. SHA3 is a Keccak product and 5-year winner of the NIST competition, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Maxcoin chose SHA3 to ensure protection to anyone who purchases their token as well as selecting the greener version of the SHA-256, caring for the environment and the community. We believe that Maxcoin is the next and more secure version of blockchain technology; this is why we have chosen to align their opportunities with our communities needs. We are happy to be listing such an innovative project on our platform. You can buy, sell and store your Maxcoin with BOA exchange: https://boaexchange.com/

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