Chrome Extension for Listly

The reason we strongly recommend Listly’s Chrome Extension

There are two ways to extract data using Listly. One is by chrome extension, and the other is by pasting URL on the website.

(1) by Chrome Extension for Listly

Chrome Extension for trial and registered member.

(2) by Adding URL on Listly’s website

Adding URL for trial.
Adding URL for registered member.

In most cases, both methods bring great results with no difference. However, following cases might return different or no results.

ㆍwhen the page requires login
ㆍwhen the page requires actions like clicking, mouse-over, and so on
ㆍwhen you cannot directly access the page using URL

Chrome Extension is Better!

To achieve more successful results, we highly recommend you to use (1) Chrome Extension rather than (2) Adding URL because adding URL often needs additional inputs from a user to load completely all content.

When Page Loading needed

For example, let’s say you extract 100 tweets from Business Insider’s Twitter
As you know, twitter shows latest 20 tweets at first loading. If you need more tweets after the 20th tweet, you should move your scroll to the bottom of page like the below. To get more 80 tweets, you need to scroll down 4 times. Beyond the scrolling, there could be a more complicated mix of inputs. 
e.g. click + scroll, wait for seconds + scroll, …

Moving the scroll to the bottom on Twitter.

When Login needed

How about login needed? Let’s say you want to export the list of products saved in your account of Amazon Shopping Cart. Its page URL is

If you have logged in, you can see the page like this.

Amazon Shopping Cart when logged in.

But if you haven’t logged in with your account, you will face to this page.

Amazon Shopping Cart when not logged in.

So Adding URL that utilizes Listly scraper cannot visit the private page yet. (We carefully consider a new feature to let users permit access to their private pages and reproduce actions. We hope to address it this year.)

For two examples above, adding URL can’t record and reproduce those actions yet. In contrast, the chrome extension can grabs the content after the page loading has been finished. This is a big difference. If user can access and see a page, the extension can directly export it to Excel. So you can extract any data behind login or page-loading.

This is why we strongly recommend Chrome Extension for Listly.