Chats are killing knowledge sharing
Eugene Zharkov

I’m obviously biased since I organize dev-ua chats.

That said I agree with your sentiment. When you stuck with a task, when you don’t understand certain behavior StackOverflow is the best place to go! Chats can give you answers, too, and in many cases you can get answers faster. However, chats don’t offer a long-term knowledge preservation.

That’s where StackOverflow and blogs come into play. StackOverflow in particular encourages people to answer their own questions, and I wish more people did that! You got stuck, you post a question to a chat, get help or clues if you’re lucky, spend more time and effort, and finally solve the task. Now is the time to go to StackOverflow and post your question and answer! People will be able to find it, they will save time for themselves and for those willing to help in chats.

My top SO answer is to my own question. I asked it, then did my own research, and shared the results with the community. Years later people still thank me for it.

Chats shine for opinion sharing and general discussions. If you have a task in front of you and not sure about how to approach it, go there and seek advice! StackOverflow is pretty strict about questions that they call “too localized”, and chats cover that niche.

It’s unfortunate that many people are afraid to ask questions on StackOverflow. They definitely should do it more often!