What is it ?

Lists.design is a gallery of real data ready to be placed in your design. We (the creators) want it to become an extensive library of all the types of content that designers may need to create mockups.

Do I need this ?

If you’re an UX or UI designer, then you most likely need Lists to generate all the text you need in your mockups. Here’s how it can make your life easier :

Craft by Invision

Lists works really well with Craft. We serve the content, Craft allows you to place it in your mockup. You can either pull content from the website via Craft’s “Web” tab or download our Lists as JSON files and load it into Craft.

Suggesting new Lists

We’re working hard to add all the Lists and answer all the designers’ content needs. If you think one is missing, we’d love you to suggest a list.

We hope you’ll find Lists.design useful! 🙌

Real content for all your designs.

Real content for all your designs.