Why do you teach? [Writing prompt]
Sarika Bansal

I teach because I am addicted to the “Ooooh!” moment from my students when they could finally embrace the concept. The expression of joy, relief, and lit enthusiasm has been the fuel for me teaching whole heartedly. Because then they will be more eager and passionate to pursue their own learning without anyone need to force them to.

I teach for the arguments I could hear my students voice when they are defending their opinions and offering suggestions using what they have learned. When they reason and persuade their fellows to be better beings; more organised, strongly logical, empathetic, able to offer solution to a problem, and sensible to environment as well as people.

I teach because that is one I can do to make impact on broader audience. One among many ways to be a part in good causes. One among many chances to be involved in the betterment of future. One among many occasions to be remembered in good terms.

I teach because I believe in kindness and good nature of people, that we can still always hope for a brighter time to come that will be brought by the next generation.

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