Black in Seattle.
Ronnie M.

I think you are SPOT ON! Being born and raised here and also being a former Veteran and having lived in Illinois for 9yrs and going to school in Dc for 3yrs I have experienced your sentiments to a "T".

Growing up in what was considered one of the most diversed zip codes in the country at one time here in Seattle "98118", I had a great childhood. I had friends of all nationalities back in the 80's. BUT when I moved back in the early 2000's I seen the shift. I experienced the worst racism (especially on the job) here in Seattle than any other city ive lived in.

Covert racism is one of the toughest type of hate to deal with bc you have you have ppl like neighbors, coworkers, and even so-called friends that smile in your face and at the same time they stab you in your back. Thats the crap that will affect you mentally as a black person.

Being Black in an all white state is not an easy experience, especially, if its covert. If you dont pass the "paper bag" test expect harsher treatment. The darker you are the less likely you are to get that job!

And the part where you stated....

"The Uncle Toms. The ones who have traded everything about them to fit in with people they will never be. These are usually the black people you’ll meet at work because one ounce of “y’all” in your voice and you can most likely kiss your corporate interview goodbye and head your ass to McDonald’s."

Had me ROTFL!!!! Its soooo TRUE. If your Black and you cannot see what shes talking about, all I can say is your definitely in DENIAL!!!