The Definition of Stupid

Exactly, how would you define stupid?

Stupid can be defined in so many ways, with so many reasons and countless triggers. In my case, my office is a new way to test your level of stupidity.

A year ago, I found my office as my purgatory, where I go to work and try my best to help people that travels for business or for leisure, and giving them the assistance they need, and in that way, I feel more useful and respected. No one is stupid here back in the days. Fast forward to today, only stupid, and reasoning with it, are two options that exist. My office is no longer my purgatory. When I went to work at Saturday and Sunday, I felt happy, I felt fine. Now, ask me to go to work on weekends, I’ll gouge my eyes out.

The source of that, is also the source of me feeling even more stupid every day. Bathe in my own sadness is no option when it comes to work in a field of that I love. But being happy the whole time is also at the same time putting myself in a ticking time bomb where it will explode one day, to people. Ruthless

Stupid: So This Unbelievable Person is (a) Dick.

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