* What is the sharing economy? / Share economy * With the development of technology, the sharing economy has made life easier for many people. A very interesting fact about the sharing economy is that companies are rarely the actual service providers; rather they act as facilitators, making agreements between providers and users possible, easy and secure. It is simply market sharing that helps them break down pre-existing barriers to starting a business or "side business" for many and makes it easy and profitable to calculate in this collaborative economy. Netsgram is the first in the world to make all those connected to be owners and recipients of the share of the economy in the form of gold and silver that is included in the smart contrack Blockchain, so that all profit sharing records are transparent and accountable, a bold breakthrough from a startup that combines e-commerce and Hybrid Cryptoasset Technology. in the world of Blockchain Have you joined as a producer, seller and buyer at netsgram.com? …


Why is Blockchain technology still a controversial technology and is widely rejected by various parties?
Because eventually all applications will be turned open source and their hearts can only be powered by two sources of income; Crypto currency and advertising
Cryptocurrency is considered insecure, not by its users but scary for oligarchs who will not be able to control the birth of a new king who will scorch their current business empire, moreover, two Crypto currencies have been born as a rational bridge with a guarantee of intrinsic value that is accountable and transparent. , namely Cryptocurrency in the stable coin category whose intrinsic value is guaranteed fiat money, gold and silver such as DEK Coin. Another one that is quite surprising and will become a socio-economic force that will break the stagnation of economic distribution and prosperity, namely the Hybrid CRYPTO ASSET, which has gold and silver intrinsic value and is backed up by business projects carried out jointly by stake holders such as Nagaya Crypto currency. , Net Gold Coin backed up by gold and Litbinex backed by silver, these three crypto currencies keep their backups in a place that is known for its security and is known by the international community. What are the advantages of Hybrid Cryptoasset? the value is confirmed to increase, the worst if it happens at any time, the minimum value will remain as before and become the most safe asset to be stored in the long term. Is the financial world in the world ready to face this currency change? Users will be delighted that all this time, the value of their money will be ZERO, eroded by inflation if it is kept for 10 years, but regulation holders and controllers cannot or have not been able to make peace with technology that makes the highest power is accuracy and transparency.
These three currencies will be present in an ecosystem that makes business and shopping profitable. Because transparently and together build prosperity by continuing to shop and continue to trade in two ecosystems that will be present in the near future, namely: NETSGRAM.com is retail-based and provides a variety of products produced by small and medium business groups and the NETFARM.id application which provides retail and wholesale food needs, both raw materials and ready-to-eat food taken from farmers and ranchers who have passed the on-farm production quality and food safety test AND STILL many other entities that continue to grow consciously or unconsciously are ready to erode the era of centralization Economic power that lasts more than 100 years, Blockchain technology with its Cryptocurrency can be a threat when it is turned into a wild ball, but it will become a locomotive of prosperity if it is carried out wisely by various parties.
As the closing of this paper, we both hear that the marriage of Facebook and Paypall failed to create the LIBRA currency, but we both heard and read ... in the end, the world's first and largest payment gateway in the end provides Crypto currency features for its users ... …










💥What makes gas more expensive?💰

Gas prices are impacted by a broad scope of factors. The next ones are distinguished among the key ones:

❗️The DeFi era. Finances are gradually moving into decentralization, and the DeFi sector has set astonishing records this summer. Most projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

❗️ Stablecoins on the top. Tether rules the world of stablecoins, reaching the #1 according to 24h trading volumes. USDT/USD exchange is accounted for more than 14% of all fees spent in August according to an analysis by Glassnode.

❗️ Arbitrage Bots. The Glassnote research highlights the arbitrage automated players are estimated to have taken up 20% of gas within August.

❗️ ETH Activity. The Ethereum price has skyrocketed more than 3 times in 2020. The ETH rates commenced the year at $130, while the all-time high level had reached $440.

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🥳🥳🥳 Good News 🥳🥳🥳

🤝 As we said you before that LTB will live on CoinBase,with your support LTB has been successfully listed on Coinbase..

🔗 Link: https://www.coinbase.com/price/litbinex-coin

😊 Don't sell your LTB at lower price, We'll list LTB on big exchange ASAP. Thanks for your support.

⚠️ Note: At this present time,You can't deposit LTB on Coinbase because we've listed recently, It'll take some times.

LTB adalah token yang dikeluarkan oleh Litbinex exchange dan akan digunakan untuk memproses pembayaran di seluruh dunia, membayar dividen di Litbinex Exchange, membayar biaya transaksi, dan digunakan untuk hak suara di Litbinex Exchange. LTB menggunakan teknologi peer-to-peer untuk beroperasi tanpa otoritas pusat atau bank.


1. Transaksi peer-to-peer yang cepat
2. Pembayaran di seluruh dunia
3. Biaya pemrosesan rendah
4. Tidak ada otoritas pusat atau bank
5. Didukung oleh blockchain Ethereum

Litbinex adalah pertukaran aset blockchain kelas dunia dengan mesin pencocokan pesanan berkinerja sangat tinggi. Ini adalah platform perdagangan aset crypto generasi berikutnya yang bertujuan untuk mendukung leverage yang tinggi.

Launchpad Proyek Blockchain

Platform ini memfasilitasi transformasi mudah dari setiap penawaran berharga ke token blockchain, memungkinkan perusahaan dan organisasi untuk mendistribusikan & menukar token mereka


1. Biaya lebih murah
Bosan kehilangan begitu banyak biaya transaksi? Kami membantu Anda. Kami baru saja membuatnya mudah, lebih murah bagi Anda untuk membeli dan menjual cryptocurrency. Coba kami dan lihat sendiri.
2. Diskon
Pedagang menikmati diskon 50% pada biaya pengambil standar dengan Status yang Diinginkan. Biaya terendah di kelasnya!
3. Adil dan Transparan
Litbinex diatur oleh pilihan yang berarti akun dan operasi manajemen diaudit, dan lisensi pertukaran yurisdiksi dicari. Pengguna dapat berdagang dengan tenang.
4. Cepat dan Aman
Litbinex adalah pertukaran derivatif yang sangat, sangat cepat dengan kecepatan transaksi pesanan yang teruji lebih dari 15.000 per detik. Semua aset digital seperti Bitcoin disimpan 100% offline.
5. Suka Perdagangan dan Pakar
Lihatlah platform perdagangan intuitif kami dengan data pasar real-time, alat pembuatan bagan yang disempurnakan, dan metode pemesanan tanpa rasa sakit.
6. Dukungan Yang Andal
Tim dukungan yang ramah dilengkapi untuk membantu Anda di setiap langkah.
7. …



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