5 effective and simple steps for staying more Youthful

Youthfulness is in how we THINK, how we MOVE and the way we EXPRESS who we are.

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How magical it is when your eyes are shining and your face is smiling; how magnetic we become! There is an aura of positive energy around us. People stand up for us in trains, give way to us in the traffic and smile back like we have given them a gift.

Feeling good about ourselves, liking who we are and how we look is so very important.

It should be one our number one priority. No matter what age we are!

Why? Because we can only give and share what is within ourselves. So how do we achieve that? Here are the 5 main steps I have found extremely helpful,

  • Start your morning with thoughts of gratitude I find there is always something to be grateful for. These positive thoughts will kickstart your day mentally.
  • Follow it up with a 5 minute exercise routine Even just a few stretching exercises in the morning helps you to warm up and energize your body for the rest of the day.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast This aspect cannot be stressed enough. How you fuel your body early in the morning determines to a large extent how much energy you will have to help you last throughout the day. I spike my nutritional intake by adding a healthy dose of superfood powder to my breakfast.
  • Avoid quick filler snacks as much as possible Instead replace them with natural ones such as fruits and nuts.
  • Add natural superfoods to your diet One of my favourite superfoods is Maca. It has a nutty flavour and I use it to sprinkle on cereals or to make superfood shakes with bananas or berries. Maca has been used since centuries to enhance energy and reduce the biological age. So we feel our body is getting younger, more energetic and full of life.

I’m sure these simple steps will transform the way you feel mentally and physically enabling you to remain youthful no matter what your age. You may be surprised when people ask, how young are you? Instead of, how old are you?

So be kind to yourself through loving thoughts, loving deeds and foods that lovingly heal and support your body.

Beauty is within us, and all around us. So keep on shining and spreading your light.

Jasmine Fricker

Jasmine Fricker is a Numerologist, Channeler, Reiki Master, Arhatic Yogi, and an Experienced Spiritual and Energy Healer, Tarot Reader and a Pendulum Dowser.

She began her training in 1975 with Rev. John C King, and since then has traveled the world expanding her knowledge in spiritual healing and transformation.

— this article first appeared on The Natural Beauty Expert blog —

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