Cats In Mechs

The most memed animal, Free to Play (F2P) game, Enjin Multiverse… Read that again, Out Loud.

Read on if you have no idea what you just said… you should be very excited! With a complex storyline, simple gameplay, (Yup, its optimized for mobile!) and ways to earn crypto playing, its hard to NOT be excited! The Enjin Multiverse adds a layer of protection to the investor. So amazing… Did I mention that you get a chance at free CryptoAssets, just for joining the Telegram chat? (Link below… but read on first!)

Cats are the most memed about animal… can you say Grumpy Cat? Whether you love em or hate em, they are polarizing… Everyone pays attention though.

As a F2P game, this game has the opportunity to onboard the world of gamers… and introduce them to Crypto, at no risk… for free! (Investors should be pinging right now…)

the mobile market had explosive growth this year, with 23.3% year over year growth to $50.4 billion in revenue, accounting for 43% of the industry’s total revenue.


That was LAST YEAR! This year, it is projected to top 70 billion. Can you imagine what next year will look like, when Mobile Gamers are earning money (Crypto) instead of spending it?!? Imagine that revenue being decentralized. We are no longer buying from the game, but eventually… from each other!


People, if that wasn’t amazing enough… Enjin Multiverse… If you have no idea what that means, start DYOR. (Do Your Own Research) Right. (after you finish the article!) Now. The ENJin MultiVerse is a true multiverse, where you earn, win, or maybe buy a character in game A, that is also usable in game B… and the ship you earned in game C… can ferry you around in game B also. Confused? Let me break it down.

Keep in mind, this is hypothetical, (very possible within the MultiVerse’s framework) but devs should listen… as this is what will help you win.

As an investor or gamer, you drop some cash because you saw some flashy graphics, believed all sorts of promises, and bought in. Hard. Several months later, the devs haven’t been heard from in weeks, and you’re about to throw in the towel. We have all heard stories like this, maybe even been unfortunate enough to have been involved in one or two…

In the MultiVerse, there are other games… games who want you to find them, so the new group of game devs enable the use of your CryptoAssets in their new game! Yep, you just got a second chance! Now you might be able to get some of that investment back, by bringing them to the new game. Worst case scenario, all ENJin MultiVerse items have an ENJ burn value. At any time, you know how much ENJ you could pull out right now. The MultiVerse is an agreement by different groups of devs and game companies… to allow gamer’s Assets to be portable between games.

Now that you’re aware of the surrounding awesomeness… Lets talk about the game.

So much to say, but I know you want to go join the Telegram group, and get some freebies, so I will just give a brief summary. I will get more detailed in further articles!

Cats in Mechs has a Diablo-esque linear gameplay, with rewards (Crypto?) at the end of each mission. The game adaptively learns your preferred playing style, and adjusts just for you! You want to smash and grab on your way through… go for it! The game will present you with more opportunities to do so. More of a Sneaky Feline? That works too… The game adapts the rewards, and opportunities to earn rewards, based upon the way you choose to play.

The game is still in development, but is partially developed, and undergoing a closed Beta. Presale doesn’t start until 15 December… and you get free stuff just for joining the telegram chat! (link below)

Some major wins…

  • MOBILE — Optimized for mobile devices
  • Graphics — Some incredible graphics, which keep getting better.
  • Blockchain — ENJin MultiVerse… need I say more?
  • F2P — Free to Play, our gateway to the masses.
  • Did I mention Cats???

Come check it out. Links below. Please don’t forget to leave claps, so we can share this stuff with the world!



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