Making Blockchain Adoption Fun

Super… Who? (DISCLAIMER — LTC brought me into the blockchain world!)

Blockchain is coming, like it or not. Everybody seems to think that [insert favorite coin here] is going to take over the world. Many of you may be too young to remember the .com craze of the late 90’s/ early 2000, when the internet was just being realized. Only about a third of the country had computers back then, and cellphones weren’t even a thing. If you wanted to call someone, you sat in the kitchen tethered to the wall.

We are in the equivalent of the Early 90’s, in my opinion… back before the craze, when only the rich could afford to have a computer. This is different though. This technological breakthrough DOESN’T only reward the rich. It rewards the thinkers and the doers. The entrepreneurs, who know a winning horse when they see it, and know when to go all in, (I am NOT advising you to go all in) regardless if that is $10, or $10 Mil.

Yep, that was a thing.

So… What now? If you’re a trader, that question is easy… but what if you are Napoleon Dynamite, and only have Nunchaku skills? What if you’re a HODLer, like me?

Before we get into that, lets take a step back a moment… Like everyone on twitter, I’m a friggin oracle. I know the future… Blockchain WINS! BWAHAHA! Seriously though. Blockchain will naturally find its way into the underpinnings society right in front of the blind sheeple’s eyes. Many won’t even see it happen. Logistics will naturally adopt it, simply because they have to. If they don’t, competitors will start popping up and grow quickly, due to the lower operating costs they will have. Many other industries will find themselves in a similar situation. The hardest part, will be opening people’s eyes before the opportunity is gone. How do we tackle that beast???

Making it RAIN… Milk?

Let me answer that question, with another question. (How rude!) These people that we are trying to reach… who are they? What do they like? What do they do? How do we capture their attention? What does everyone do when they are at the doctor’s office, airport, waiting somewhere… what do they all have?

Cell phones! Everyone has one. When waiting alone, most people are doing one of a few things. Listening to music, social media, reading, watching videos, playing games, or talking obnoxiously loud like everyone wants to hear their conversation.

Think anyone will care if he just disappears?

This is the perfect time to reach them. Some of those activities might work, but the one that I am betting on is playing games. PAUSE! Don’t stop reading just because you have gotten hosed by a bad game in the past! Please keep reading, and you may find yourselves pleasantly surprised!

Reading, videos… these things are entertaining, but they don’t bring people back. Unless you can produce videos or articles faster than your audience can consume the material, you simply don’t get as much bang for the proverbial buck. Many of the articles and videos are either too broad, or catered to a specific niche to pull popular appeal.

Games though… that’s a whole different story, and we even have an easy selling point. Money. I’ll break it down for those of you who might not be into gaming. The gaming industry is a HUGE market, over 18 BILLION in 2017. People spend TONS of money on their games, and much of that is on their phones. What if we could tell people that they didn’t need to spend money on games. Blockchain is revolutionizing the gaming industry. The days of Pay to Play are gone! Many of the CyrptoAssets that are being bought today in the blockchain based games will not just appreciate in value as more people join the blockchain space, and more specifically… the gaming space, but they are being designed to REPLICATE.

You read that right. You buy… or even possibly even WIN simply by signing up for a game, something that not only will appreciate in value, but will create MORE things that replicate in value.

There are games where you buy a planet for ≡ 0.08, wait a day or two… then launch a rocket into space, and find another planet, worth at least that much… some are worth several ETH! Another one, and this is the one Im really excited about, for a few reasons! Out of the top 10 Facebook games (Remember, casual mobile gamers are the win for mass adoption) of all time, 5 of them had something to do with animals or creatures… and two of those were farm based games.

Enter CropBytes. Did I mention that it’s on the Tron Network??? I want to tell you all about how you buy two cows and make baby cows that you can sell, and all sorts of other awesome ways to make money AND have fun, but I have taken enough of your time today. I have written a couple of articles already on other games if I have piqued your interest.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! I hope that you found it at least entertaining. In the next few days, I will write an article about CropBytes, and give you a few insights which might prove useful should you choose to play. Give me a follow so that you can ensure you get to read it first! (Links to their social media on page. Join the Telegram group and say hi!)

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