Why don’t you still have any crypto-coins in your wallet?

May 2, 2018 · 5 min read

When everyone is already speaking about bitcoins and Blockchain, from leading politicians to children of primary school age and pensioners, you cannot but wonder: “and why I am outside the subject, and why I do not use cryptocurrency and even do not quite understand how it works?”. What’s this?
Everything new is no longer for you, or is the reason actually in something else?

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The possibilities of blockchain technologies, which are on all the television screens, are impressive. “In the next ten years, bitcoin will become the most powerful currency in the world,” says Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. This new “digital gold,” as the very first and most popular cryptocurrency is called, will be used by billions of people around the world. In fact, Bitcoin is still too slow and costly, but thanks to new technologies, he surely becomes more affordable,as the businessman says. In general, we still need to wait.
Bitcoin is the frontman of all cryptocurrencies, and the attention of millions of people around the world is focused on it, but for 9 years of his successful career, he still has not become actually popular. Other cryptocurrencies altcoins did not get any closer either. Yes, today we know what cryptocurrencies are, and we don’t question that they are the future, but we do not hurry to use them.
Everyday we use email, YouTube, Pay Pal, Facebook and many other services of the digital world. But we will not pay for our morning coffee at Starbucks with litecoins, and we will not leave a couple of satoshi having supper in the restaurant on the weekend. Crypto assets are owned by the very few. Even fewer use them everyday.
Researchers estimate that, the number of cryptomarket participants is only 100–120 million people, which is relatively to 4 billion Internet community negligible. Why do other attributes of the modern age attract users, and cryptocurrencies force people only to talk about them?
The reasons for their relative non-popularity seem to be in plain sight. It is not safe and often difficult to use cryptocurrency. The entry to cryptoeconomics is expensive, as well as the withdrawal from it. Mass media in many countries negatively PR cryptoeconomics, catching up more and more doubts on potential users, thereby making it the prerogative of enthusiasts and computer geniuses, and sometimes those who have questions from law enforcement agencies. However, all these reasons are irrelevant. They can be overcome, if the interest will turn the average user into crypto-community.A typical example, despite the largely negative image that the mass media is creating to telegram messenger, users actively download and install it.
Are you interested in cryptocurrency? If you are trying to earn on the rate growth of cryptocoins, then, perhaps, yes. Anything else. Perhaps, not. In any case, now. That is actually the reason on the surface. There is not any connection with our daily needs. Interest in “crypto” will only appear if it will be integrated into everyday life. You use your money every day. You can buy something for them, and as a rule, you know where to make them.
Statistics indicate, or even simply a brief review of CoinMarketCap shows, most of the creators of new blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies do not take into account the fact that simple release of their cryptocurrency is no longer enough for it to be in demand. Although for many teams to elaborate their cryptoproject, organize tokens emission, conduct ICO and fulfill other formalities, all this is a great achievement. Cryptoeconomics is just developing and its rules are simple and understandable not for all.
Experienced participants who have implemented and have one or more successful projects behind their backs go further. Here, cryptocurrency is already as a part, a key element of the ecosystem. A key, meaningful, integral, but still an element. And they are building primarily an ecosystem. As an organism, in which cryptomoney, will exist as blood — a carrier of value. The rule “money is a blood of economics” is not canceled” even in the digital age.
Telegram Open Network, a project implemented by Pavel Durov, creator and former owner of the popular in the former Soviet Union social network Vkontakte, is one of those projects where cryptocurrency is firmly tied to the needs of users. During the second stage of ICO in March this year, Telegram attracted $ 850 million from 94 investors. Earlier, during the first stage, the company also received $ 850 million. Durov aims to create cryptocurrency, which eventually would become a widely accepted means of payment. Number of people, who want to participate in his ICO, exceeds greatly the project needs.The book of applications is already full. This allows Telegram to refuse many investors, and those,who are lucky, have the opportunity to resell their tokens with 40% higher. The minimum payment for the second stage was 1 million dollars.

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In the end of April ICO of another project will launch , which aims to make cryptocurrency interesting and accessible to every user and business. Litenett.com — is both a social network and a large media resource with its own payment system. The service rewards active user behavior and allows to use social communication channels for goods and services promotion. The primary placement of Litenetcoin tokens is much more democratic and everyone can take part in it, and Project Hard Cap is more than $ 100 million.
The project is being developed and promoted by German company Alex Capital GmbH with an ambitious team of developers headed by Alexey Karpov, the founder of the company and the inspirer of the project. Today, the team already has a number of successfully implemented projects behind their backs on the European media market. One of them is– web-copyright.com,allowing copyright holders to monitor the illegal use of digital content on the Internet.The project quickly became successful and the company cooperates in the field of copyright protection with such giants of music as Universal Music, Banger Musik, Sony Music Group and Selfmade Records.
Thus, the trend is traced clearly — soon cryptocurrencies will be integrated into social networks and platforms for communication. Only this will allow them to become truly widespread and popular.

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