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Scottie Blu

Scott — I can find no evidence of studies that suggest women’s brains stop maturing at age 30 while men’s continue to mature until age 45ish. Can you please cite the study you refer to?

All sources I’ve read, including webmd, psychology today and state that brains in women mature at around age 21 and men’s at around age 25, but both can take up to age 30 to become fully mature.

While men’s brains are larger than women’s by about 10%, size does not equate to higher intelligence when ratio is considered. In fact, in most studies women lead as far as pre-frontal cortex development, social connectivity, decision-making for the good of the group, etc… Men lead in processing information faster and taking action, but tend to be more concerned about individual pursuits than community well-being. Men’s brains age faster than women’s, too, resulting in more susceptibility to diseases like Altzheimer’s.

I suggest you read the article at entitled “The Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Brains”. I found it very informative on this topic.

Of course, throw brain plasticity into the equation and anyone’s brain can continue to develop until the day they die. That’s a good thing, man or woman.

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