Where Do the Days Go?

I feel like I haven’t even taken a breath yet, although I’ve taken roughly 2340 today. Many of them deep ones while I was exercising this work-in-progress body.

My hours were filled with water aerobics, doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, meeting with a friend for a consultation, catching up on email, engaging in a 2 1/2 hour webinar and plugging in my food consumption to my new food app. (Today, by the way, was even worse than yesterday. Ugh!)

It seems each day flies by faster and faster. Immediate tasks get done, but others remain “on the list”. I generated a new “to do list” yesterday and it has 32 separate items on it. I’ve only knocked off five thus far.

Although I feel like I am attempting to live more consciously by dedicating myself to my writing and the opportunities that come out of that decision, I still feel like I haven’t gotten it right yet.

I’m not spending enough time doing the actual writing. Most of my time is spent studying the craft of writing, and while it is all very fascinating, it is delaying my ultimate goal.

I am a learner who loves to learn. I love to find out how others do things and feel my way from there. I get ideas from what’s already been accomplished and I collect them until I’m ready to venture out on my own.

I’m not necessarily a trendsetter or trailblazer when it comes to these things. I tend to tread slowly and carefully, benefitting from the experiences of others. Once I am ready, I do have my own unique approach, thank goodness.

However, I need to block out more time to just write. No matter what else is going on in my life, I need to write. Maybe I should do it first thing in the morning, as attempting to do it late at night is just not working. I’m out of steam.

And yet, life goes on. An oil change and car inspection tomorrow. Bills to send out. Properties to scout out for a friend. Originals to provide to a business associate for copying.

Tomorrow’s pretty much gone, too.

Guess I’ll look to Friday to get some writing and revision done. If you don’t send out your stuff, it’ll never get traditionally published.

I need to find a better approach.

Day 222


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