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Are you saying that all of those problems listed in your second sentence onward remain with them for life? I thought most of those were only problems during the banding and for a short period afterwards. Everyone I knew who got a band said they would have it removed, eventually.

When I spoke of being able to go out and have fun with their kids, I actually meant after the weight loss, not during. But one guy who had the band only felt slightly weakened by it. He actually became more active, not less. But I know that’s not everyone.

I’m not pro-banding, but I am pro-losing-weight for obese people. You are right that being skinny doesn’t guarantee one is healthy, but being extremely overweight guarantees one is unhealthy. I agree that diet companies lie and manipulate people, but why insert the word ‘medical’ in the last four words? The medical establish is not lying to people about the dangers of being overweight.

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