Powerful! We have to stop putting our young men in a box.
Paul A. Bromley

> the reason why white men are able to ascend to the heights they do is partially due to the fact that they aren’t told they have to emulate another group of people.

They *are* told to emulate other people, it just that the people they emulate are usually the same color as them. They could also emulate people like Obama, or Colin Powell, but its true there are a lot more white people to choose. I mean, there are just more white people in the US overall.

> They are free to be who they are and achieve what they want by being who they want

That’s absolutely not true. Every young person has to choose between different biological and cultural influences on who they are. Every young person has to learn self restraint, learn to get along with others, learn civic values, learn the benefit of hard work. As a result of our racist society, white people might be punished less for being anti-social, but they are still punished for being anti-social. Success isn’t handed to every white person on a platter just for ‘being themselves’, white people must also learn to be good citizens, good students, good employees, etc.

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