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OP was not hiring to be a software engineer, though. They are a frontend developer. I could make some inflammatory statements about your reply’s attitude, and omission of design & user experience skills in requirements being incredibly typical of Google/etc, but I won’t go there.

Instead, I suggest you do some reading up on the typical responsibilities of a seasoned frontend developer/engineer. If you hire in the mindset that this candidate should be just as comfortable working on the business logic of some Google project that never sees the light of day, you’re only going to get a certain kind of engineer—ones that build the human interfaces that Google is notorious for. As an example, I would be very reluctant to hire any FE candidate who put certain parts of Gmail or YouTube in their portfolio.

We’re all very impressed that Google engineers can come up with elegant solutions to engineering problems (even if they have been already been solved before). It would be great, however, to get people in at Google who know what a repaint is, what type hinting means, why you should/shouldn’t GZIP, etc.

If you “don’t have time for that” then… maybe you shouldn’t be in charge of hiring for that department? It really doesn’t speak well for Google that you have this level of apathy towards whatever project you’re working on over there.