People sitting at a desk taking notes during a training.
People sitting at a desk taking notes during a training.
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Many opportunities for professional development exist for library publishers. New editors can benefit from formal training, and established editors can learn how to expand their publication by joining professional organizations. All editors can follow literary sites and newsletters to stay abreast of industry news.


A short webinar or self-paced course can helo you master specific aspects of editing and publishing. If you desire a more intensive education, you can earn a certificate or graduate degree in editing or publishing.

ACES: The Society for Editing offers a self-paced training program as well as webinars for $150 and $30 respectively. …

Book pages folded into heart.
Book pages folded into heart.
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Anthologies are collections of multiple short works by different writers. Many libraries and other cultural organizations publish anthologies to showcase writers in their communities or commemorate a special event. Anthologies can be published as print books, as ebooks, or as both to reach as many readers as possible. See Libraries Publish: How to Start a Magazine, Small Press, Blog, and More for more information including sample budgets, production and distribution considerations, and example anthologies for libraries and other organizations.

Choose a Theme

The most successful, cohesive anthologies revolved around a theme that is important to your writers and readers. You can publish a literary anthology or poems, short stories, or comics in a specific genre. You can also create a local history anthology and pull together local ghost stories, interviews with older community members, or recipes that feature a local delicacy. …

Silhouette of child reading a book.
Silhouette of child reading a book.
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Many books have been published by libraries including books for children. By publishing the books highlighted below, libraries encourage children to read, help forge a bond between young readers and the library, and fill gaps in children’s literature. Some of the books were written by library staff while others were commissioned by writers in the community or sourced from public domain content. More information on each book, including sample publishing budgets, can be found in Libraries Publish: How to Start a Magazine, Small Press, Blog, and More.

Board book for babies
Board book for babies

Board Books for Babies

Multnomah County Library located in the greater Portland region of Oregon published a board book full of photos of real baby patrons enjoying the library. The photos were taken by a professional photographer, and the fun, approachable text of the book was written by library staff to encourage new parents to visit the library and read to their little ones. The book is part of a packet given to first-time parents by the library’s partner organizations. The library also published a short, softcover book for new parents that explains how to encourage literary and a love of reading during the first two years of a child’s life. …


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