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In fact, it’s only because of feminists that such a thing can be acknowledged in the first place. If anything can be considered “telling,” it is the fact that an avowed feminist wrote this criticism in the first place, as an attempt to make feminism better. And, I’ve seen a lot of feminists following her lead. This is why as a man, I support feminsm: Whatever its flaws, whatever its fuckups, I know that there are feminists like Lizz with the integrity to make it better.

All through this, I’ve been feeling anger not at feminists, but at MRAs. It’s because of them that it’s become more difficult to talk about this stuff, not easier. For MRAs, the topic of male rape is a gotcha, a way to derail discussion of rape as a whole. It’s a way to avoid talking about the shitty ways that women/femme people are treated in society. When it comes right down to it, they won’t speak up for men who are raped, or help them with their trauma. if it can’t get them gotcha points against feminism, it’s irrelevant.

And that’s why I’m happy to have feminists like Lizz. Because we wouldn’t be talking about this stuff otherwise.