Captiva my Derriere

Remember how my first blog was about the Toyota CHR we were going to be getting? Well we didn’t, and to be really honest I don’t quite know how that happened, ummm… no that’s not really true, I do know how it happened, I just can’t believe I allowed it to happen! So let me break it down…on Monday during our lunch hour, my husband and I thought we’d just quickly duck down to the local Holden dealership to check out some other car “options”. Note to self, that should have been my first warning. I don’t know maybe I was too self absorbed in the end of July sales for my beloved Toyota’s and their fuel efficiency that I did not for one second think that my accountant husband would impulse buy on a Holden Captiva. Just when I thought I had got everything sorted, from far left field a curve ball entered the field of play, I now have a Holden Captiva LTZ! How did this happen? Well, my husband played me. Yes and oh he did it so well, just when I thought we were on the same page he was already planning how to outsmart me! That’s why right now, it’s Saturday night and he’s out with with the carload of people and I am home writing this blog, because just when I thought I was going to get my car, I got his car! What the Jeff?

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog, the whole idea of me writing a blog was so that I could keep track of my academic journey, but all that I’ve managed to do is, keep notes on the ways in which I had planned to buy one car but somehow ended up with something so different to what I’d planned or researched for. So maybe there exists a subliminal truth in this car adventure for me.

I have always been a true blue supporter of the Toyota, my #goto ride of rides, she’s reliable, fuel efficient and I don’t know I just feel kinda safe with a Toyota not too flashy and a tried and tested brand. The Holden Captiva Ummm I don’t know much about her but I did drive her home on Thursday night, her leather seats were nice and the fact that you could press a button and they warmed up now that was lovely (my Toyota’s didn’t do that). The Captiva is a 7 seater, there’s no way we need all those seats and so I kind of feel that it’s a lot of potential I don’t have the time or inclination to explore, when we took it for a test drive last Monday, I jumped into the back seat and found it spacious in the back… but I don’t know, call me ‘old school’ or whatever but all of these options on the Captiva is like crazy, like it’s got a reverse camera, electric sunroof, privacy glass and a tow bar, phone projection technology, GPS and it’s an all wheel drive. So I’m thinking about the Toyota that I wanted and comparing it in my head with the Holden that we’ve got, and I realise albeit a little late in the day that this blogging subject I’ve gotta do for Uni is EXACTLY the same as this car misadventure!

For the last few weeks, I’d been thinking of this as a “blogging” subject that I had to master as a part of this course but in actual fact, when I actually RE- read the Orientation to the Course it says in italics… “ The course is designed to complement your research work in the EdD.” So it’s true that I recently created an Academia profile, as I already use Twitter, FB & Instagram but somehow, as I analyse my use of social media it was actually being used for SOCIAL/ RECREATIONAL interactions, however I am beginning to realise that being an EdD student and doing this subject… ‘there ain’t gonna be no more ‘social’ in ma social media posts, cause gurls’ gotta play hard’ In fact the notes on this course state “ The course is concerned with contributing to your thinking about building your academic identity. It may seem odd to talk about an academic identity at the beginning of your apprenticeship in educational research but the work you do towards establishing your academic identity will contribute to the research agenda on which you are working.”

So on that note, I guess I’ve gotta somehow morph these random musings to be more focused on the areas I am exploring and interested in like Unaisi Nabobo-Baba’s work on the Fijian Vanua Research Framework (FVRF) and absolutely life changing for me was a conversation I had last trimester with one of my lecturers Elke who gently yet insightfully pointed out to me a glaring truth (which I’d been oblivious to) that I was colonised!

This one conversation blew my mind. Things which I had been unable to assign a term to suddenly became so clear, and with that clarity has come more confusion. Isn’t it ironic, that it took a conversation with (I assume as we’ve never met) an anglo saxon person to help me to identify me. So for the purposes of this academic blog I am about to begin, I am at the beginning of a journey towards a post graduate degree, I am an indigenous Fijian woman #OZEKVT who is keen to look at what can we do to assist our indigenous Fijian young people who live in Australia to be successful within the tertiary education space.

I am deeply indebted to two academics whose thoughts and research actually started me on this study journey. One was written by Camille Nakhid,“ Intercultural” Perceptions, Academic Achievement, and Identifying Process of Pacific Island Students in New Zealand Schools and the other one was by Judith Kearney, Unlucky in a lucky country: A commentary on policies and practices that restrict access to higher education in Australia. These two papers helped me to begin asking the question, why?

So just as I am going to be using a vehicle I had not planned on, I am sure that as I practice driving our Holden Captiva, the things which seem so foreign right now will kind of grow on me and I will hopefully be able to see and experience the benefits of this new vehicle. Who knows, just maybe, I’ll be updating you on not just advancements in the Holden arena but also the social media #academic sites. LOL