You miss the point that there once was an INCREDIBLE need for feminism.
Joshua Sanders

*big eye roll* Joshua Sanders I think you are missing something here. YOU are not a woman and and you are definitely not a woman of color so please stop saying that “women won” and there is nothing left to fight for. You don’t know my personal experiences, and therefore have NO right to speak on my behalf. There definitely have been strides, yay we can vote now. However if you think women have nothing to fight for you have your head stuck in the sand or somewhere else for that matter. One example of MANY is the treatment of women in the US military…who are subjected to sexual harassment and many times sexual assault sometimes from high ranking officers. This seems to go on, unpunished. We now have a PRESIDENT who thinks it’s okay to publicly humiliate women based on their weight and looks, and has been recorded stating that because he is famous he can grab any woman by the PUSSY he wants. Again, instead of telling the women that marched that they are being “decisive” and that “women won a long time ago” and there is nothing to fight for, you should try listening to their experiences and to what their voices are trying to tell you.

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