Africa’s First Decentralized Digital Content Protocol

Africa Should Tech-Renaissance

The world is currently experiencing a singularity in the realm of technology. There are advancements in the IT sphere, with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) coming to view and acceptance and now,we have the Blockchain Technology . Observing the adoption and assimilation of tech-trends and societies, Africa is catching up gradually but still remains a developing continent. If Africa follows diligently, the current advancements in developing nations, it would certainly end up with the modern structure but inherit the same challenges developed nations face with advancements. How long would this take? When she catches up, it would be like noticing a mirage and then she keeps lagging behind, unable to catch-up to the next level of advancements and innovations.

The Tech Race! Where is the finish line..?

Finding Afro

The solution to this dilemma is advancement with perspective. A perspective of the nation or race in constructive need of the technology. We looked at the African society and sought what challenges could be solved with the blockchain technology and came up with the Littafi Protocol.

The Littafi protocol stores and verifies the ownership and integrity of the contents of any digital file while giving all clients 100% control over what they store.

The protocol was built on a 100% decentralized stack — Ethereum for the blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS) for digital content storage. The internet deals with privacy, security and access as integral components that scales the nexus of our world and how we interact while going about our business. How secure, private and accessible is the compact information transacted are the questions the internet and IoT should always keep objectively. The Littafi Protocol offers a premium variant for these three virtues of the web. A Littafi user alone has access to the documents stored with the protocol and can prove the ownership and integrity of digital contents anywhere and anytime. Built with an interactive interface for all clients (personal or organization), the protocol is currently deployed on the Ethereum Main-Net. (Littafi-Github)

Get my Littafi :)!!

The protocol is open for personal use, governmental and non-governmental organizations. For every digital content on Littafi, there is a cryptographic digest/signature called a hash.This hash is a unique identity to the the content and is represented as a QR-Code anywhere. Digital contents like personal credentials/certificates which could be video/audio/images/pdf can be stored with Littafi — leveraging IPFS decentralized storage. Also, Littafi timestamps the content thereby allowing immutable proof of content integrity and proof of ownership of the document. You can extend this application to patents being timestamped with proof of ownership, lawyers can timestamp their legal documents, architects can secure their drawings and institutions can issue their certificates as Littafi QR-codes. All contents remain immutable, accessible and verifiable as long as the blockchain remains in existence.

Congratulations Africa, your renaissance was , is now and would continue to be.

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Thanks reader, we appreciate your time and we hope to build a community for an empowered Africa through the Protocol.

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The Littafi Protocol offers the solution to cyber security and digital contents - securing the future of digital contents through the blockchain.

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