I want to represent our people who never get attention on the television news.

Here, in the American Heartland, we feel very strongly about the future of our nation. In this County, we’re better off than most people in the U.S. So we are nearly all Republicans and our primary concerns are the illegal immigrants coming in and the wild spending by the federal government.

We are all familiar with the version on the U.S. constitution that gives us the right to bare arms and we nearly all do. I have seven rifles in my home and they are all loaded. The house has a large back yard and it is crawling with gophers. Nearly every morning I get up before sunrise to patrol and, when one pops up, I blow the little bastard’s head off.

I have to. The wife and I recognize that they are moving in on us and, if we don’t stop them, they will take over the property.

We have a good family. The wife and I have five daughters, all about high school age.

Of course, some boys come sniffing around. I can tell because the seat on the toilet is left up. I know what the hell is going on. I realize that the girls talk with boys at football games, but I’m sure they aren’t doing anything wrong. I’m proud to say that, like the wife and I, they all believe in Jesus.

The big problem is, of course, the nation. We want to stop ICEIS, and avoid a take over by the Democrats, Muslims, or Jews.

Fortunately, nearly every one in our County supports Donald Trump. We all respect his willingness to tell it like it is. We know he feels the way we do, and we are with him all the way.

Let’s make the Country Great Again!

Walter Bergen

Orange County, CA

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