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Apr 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Introducing Litterati 2.0.

For the last few months, we’ve been working on the new version of the Litterati mobile application — which we’re thrilled to release, just in time for Earth Day. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Litterati Clubs

Perfect for schools, scout troops, and environmental clubs, Litterati Clubs allows any group to measure their combined impact and compete against others. Start your own and invite your friends, or join one that’s already going strong.

C.O.M.B — a smarter way to tag

We reviewed our 1,000,000+ images and noticed a pattern emerging. The Litterati community tends to add multiple tags per photograph, thereby assigning multiple attributes to each piece of litter they pick up. Those attributes organically led to an orderly classification, based on their natural relationships.

Let’s say you picked up a Peet’s Coffee Cup, and applied the COMB taxonomy.

Category = coffee / Object = cup / Material = paper / Brand = Peet’s

By building a more granular database, we can derive more specific insights about what types of litter we’re seeing in our communities. This system also lays the groundwork for a smarter tagging system, where machine learning can be applied to the images, presenting a list of tags with increasing precision. Now we each become part of the solution in training a smarter Global Database of Litter.

Swipe Navigation, Brighter Colors, New Look & Feel

Left, right, up, down. In addition to faster navigation, we’ve added a splash of color, a new design, a brighter look. We’re not only a data-centric company using technology to clean the planet, we’re also a community that wants to have fun, share, and live & breathe each others’ passions around a litter-free world. The app is a conduit for our community and should feel fun, intuitive, and alive.

Photos Upload Automagically

In Litterati 1.0, photos had to be uploaded manually. Not anymore. And while automating that process may seem routine, we’re continuing to focus on simplifying the user experience.

What a difference a year makes

One year ago, we were a community of 25,000 people, and collectively we picked up 400,000 pieces. Today, the Litterati community is three times that size, and we’ve picked up 1.2M pieces. Litterati 2.0 is designed to help us grow even faster.

Our planet faces many environmental problems. It often feels overwhelming and hard to know how we can make a difference. Well here’s one way you can. Download the iOS or Android app and start now: pick up just one piece.

Individually you can make a difference. Together we create an impact.

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