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Dealing with a filthy litter box is something no one wishes to do: feline fan or otherwise. Regrettably, it is among those things that could not be overlooked and also consequently, business have been developing automated solutions for this untidy task for a couple of years currently.

Two of the most preferred products in the automated trash box market are the Litter Robot and also the Feline Genie. You can examine out the Litter Robot testimonial below and the Cat Genie right below.

Which one is much better? The Litter Robot or Pet cat Genie?

The brief answer is that it depends. Both can work as marketed (generally) yet some pet cat owners will find that system or the other better satisfies their needs which of their cat( s).

Keep reading to learn about the distinctions in between these two devices so you can smartly choose the appropriate automatic litter box solution for you … as well as your cats.

Cat Genie Review

The Pet cat Genie is one of one of the most widely known automated cat clutter remedies on the market and permanently factor: Feline Genie has actually been making it much easier to tidy up after pet cats for many years as well as the cutting-edge technique taken by this item indicates that you never ever need to touch filthy pet cat clutter once more.

Basically, the Pet cat Genie is a self-flushing and also self-washing kitty box that works much like a “cat toilet” because it washes away waste, Litter Robot 3 cleanses the trash, as well as finally dries it so it is ready for its next usage.

The Feline Genie includes 3 different setups. “Feline Beginning” instantly cleans up the litter box 10 minutes after the Genie finds that a pet cat has actually utilized the restroom.

The materials required to operate the Feline Genie consist of a naturally degradable SaniSolution cartridge that cleans up and sanitizes in addition to the recyclable trash that makes the system job. The materials included with the system suffice to fit one cat for around three months after which time the customer will certainly have to acquire even more materials — materials that are only readily available from Cat Genie

Here lies the Cat Genie’s greatest mistake: it relies on exclusive products to continue operating and also these items set you back significantly greater than traditional pet cat litter. That said, the recyclable granules that compose the cat trash used by the Pet cat Genie do not need to be changed however in time granules will certainly get lost as a result of splilling.

The automatic flushing and also cleaning function does call for a chilly water line, wastewater drainpipe, as well as access to an electrical outlet. It does take some job to get the Cat Genie working once it’s correctly set up, there is little the user has to do to preserve the tidiness of the litter box location.

The Feline Genie works by permitting liquid pet cat waste to drain pipes with the granules. Throughout this time, clean water fills up the box as the solid waste is emulsified prior to elimination.

Which is the Best Litter Robot?

Pros of the Cat Genie.

Completely automated solution
Programmable flushing settings to maintain litter box clean
Easy set up
No contact with dirty trash

Disadvantages of the Cat Genie

Does not function correctly if cat excretes soft feces (may obtain stuck in the device and create a solid smell).
System could blocked every so often, calling for a detailed cleaning.
Reusable trash does not take in litter box odor.
When executing a cleansing cycle (cleansing cycles take 34 mins to full), loud.

Litter Robot Introduction.

Still automated however not virtually as facility as the Pet cat Genie, the Litter Robot self-cleaning can is an additional choice for cat proprietors that do not intend to take care of filthy pet cat litter any longer. The unique layout of the Litter Robot uses a turning system to different waste from tidy trash. The waste is after that transferred into a receptacle under of the litter box that is lined with a common 13 gallon plastic trash can.

Cleansing the litter box is as easy as transforming out the trash can in the bottom of the device every couple of days. The Litter Robot operates a 12 V power source (both Air Conditioning as well as DC adapters are consisted of) and does not need making use of water lines or drain tubes like the Feline Genie.

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The layout of this device is much less complex as well as much less prone to failure while still dealing with filthy clutter so you don’t have to. This system uses basic pet cat litter which is also a benefit because it is less costly compared to reusable granules and does a much better job of concealing pet cat smells until the next cleansing cycle begins. Also, the cleaning cycle on the Litter Robot is just 7 mins as compared to the 34 mins it considers the Cat Genie to clean a litter box of similar size.

Pros of the Litter Robot.

Very easy configuration as well as operation.
No call with filthy trash.
Works with any clumping clutter (better odor control).
Quick, 7 minute cleaning cycle occurs 7 minutes after the feline ended up using the litter box.
Much quieter compared to various other automatic can options.

Cons of the Litter Robot.

Large size.
Not ideal for pet cats over 15 pounds.
Has problem separating the waste from kittycats — have to be cleaned by hand until the felines grow.
Waste receptacle is not airtight.
Digital control board is not water-proof (must be covered with plastic movie as a safety measure).

Cat Genie vs Litter Robot Outcome.

Both of these automated litter box solutions are an efficient option for pet cat owners who are sick of cleaning up filthy cat trash yet which of these 2 options is ideal for you and also your cat( s) depends on a few variables.

Some pet cats will prefer one unit over the other. The additional job required to set up the Cat Genie correctly might be a turn off to some pet cat owners as well as depending on where the litter box is typically situated, water as well as drainage lines may require to be mounted.

Neither of these gadgets economicals however the cash spent now will certainly save you from the troubles and also migraines of cleansing the litter box constantly and in some cases, you can also save loan over the life time of the unit. Give one a try and also see exactly how simple keeping the can be with a little aid from residence automation technology.

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