The OpenLitterMap Foundation is recruiting (unpaid) Ambassadors and Interns

Are you interested in challenging plastic pollution with open data? OpenLitterMap is an emerging global enterprise that needs your support.

The OpenLitterMap Foundation (@OpenLitter), a non profit (under construction) to oversee the development of the OpenLitterMap ecosystem is recruiting preliminary National and sub-national Ambassadors to help promote OpenLitterMap with schools, colleges, local authorities, local groups and people in your local area- anywhere in the world. Official positions will be voted on during our first online AGM.

OpenLitterMap is also looking for interns interested in, but not limited to- social media and marketing, graphic design, and web, app and blockchain development. These are currently unpaid voluntary positions but with a grant or crowdfunding could lead to temporary employment.

If you are sick of plastic pollution and want some experience in an emerging global enterprise, send an email expressing your interest and experience to and join this community having fun cleaning the planet with games and pioneering Geoblockchain rewards.