A Trip to Memory Lane

We have our backpacks ready. You toss a smile and I flash a grin, our gazes locked. As I look up to what lays beyond, the road ahead is long and winding. But you grip my hand tight, reassuring.

The first few miles are of exquisite journey.

The flowers bloom and we take a picture under the cherry blossoms. With our silly hats on, I tell you that you look like Luffy the Straw Hat. You laugh, your eyes form into crescences and they smile so delicately. A smile that leaves a mark on my mind. I think I’m going crazy.

We stop by our favorite dim sum place. We have our usual, watching the night grows darker and the air turns colder. You ramble about your favorite bands as I dip my chopsticks into the sauce. Tonight, you say I look pretty.

We rest next to a fireplace, sharing a blanket. The night is below twenty but you warm me like no other. We fall silent before you say that you love me. I don’t answer. Instead, I bury my face in your chest, too afraid to realize what tomorrow may bring. I fall asleep in your arms, you in mine.

The sun rises the next morning, and I wake up alone. The space next to me is empty, as my heart suddenly becomes.

I go around the town frantically, asking people I come across on the street if they have seen a beautiful being walking past, but none of their answers lead me to you. I’m scared. I’m terrified.

There I stand, puzzled, staring blankly yonder.

Eventually, to the wind I whisper, “let him know that I’ll see him in another journey, and that I love him, too.”